Cute Cheap Dress of the Day 8: Ruffles and Buckles

July 22, 2011

I loved this so much I was going to buy it for my trip to NYC but I didn't think it would get to my house in time.
Use SAVINGS20 for an additional 20% off.
This Delia's Dress would look great on a brunette for an exotic look on a hot day.
Use coupon codes: 25RMNMD for free shipping.
And 15RMNMD for an additional 15% off.
Would make a good casual frock in the hot summer. Pair with a braided leather belt.

3 {comments}:

Amber Bockman said... Best Blogger Tips

those are all cute, wouldn't be too hard to replicate!

Aubree said... Best Blogger Tips

All of the dresses you have picked have been cute and cheap but I would love it if you could find some that are a bit more modest... Knee length or longer and sleeves. If you see any dresses like that in your searching please post them!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree. My guess is that the longer the skirt, the more fabric is used, the more expensive it is. You wouldn't think that 3 or 4 inches would make that much difference but finding a 37" from shoulder to hem as opposed to a 33" from shoulder to hem is much MUCH more of a rarity. And I do try to post those whenever possible.

I did have a neat idea for the short dress dilemma that I hope to be posting sometime soon on Grosgrain. As soon as I get my craft room ready it will be my first project.

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