Sweet Pea Benefit

April 13, 2011

Sweet Pea Benefit is offering 45 amazing prizes for a benefit auction!

Including something from Emersonmade, A Little Sussy, and many more wonderful bloggers and shop owners, including me! Some prizes include, family photo sessions in Utah and Idaho, online design services, an Amy Butler Sling, even something as small as yummy cookies, and HELLO a 2-night chalet stay (which is only up to $40)!
I am offering the Alex dress I made during one of my Frock by Friday series. Bid on it here.
 The two couples we they are helping with their premier Benefit Boutique are Devanie & Sam and Brooke & Mick.
While Devanie and Brooke became best-friends when they met in college, they didn’t share their struggles with infertility until after they were living in different countries (Brooke living in Canada and Devanie living in the United States). Separated by international borders, the discovery that they both suffered with infertility opened the floodgates of emails and phone calls between them; comparing their test results, Clomid rages, emotional breakdowns and so-called fertility miracles with each other. Sweet Pea Patterns want nothing more than for these two friends to finally share stories of late-night feedings, first steps, and yes, even diaper blow-outs!
Please stop by and check out all the wonderful things to help contribute to their dream!
Please share the love!

SweetPea Benefit Boutique

3 {comments}:

Rosie said... Best Blogger Tips

I just want to say thank you for contributing to the benefit. Devanie is one of my friends... we met on a travel-study in college and there is a small circle of us that have tried to stay close over the last 8 years. I love her to pieces and she would be such an amazing mother. :) I've gone and bid, and I hope that lots of your other readers will too.

ben+alex said... Best Blogger Tips

these are all amazing! i will definitely be stopping by to check out a few.
i also love your blog.
so cute.
new follower..


The Studes said... Best Blogger Tips

its shocking to see one of your childhood friends on a blog that you have been following for the last few years. this is a great idea and I am totally going to help in the support of it!

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