Steampunk Goodness

April 1, 2011

I'm just in love with Steampunk. Someday I want to make my own "ALL OUT"  gen'U'eyn Steampunk costume for Halloween.
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LivingInSong said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm in love with it too! And if you ever do make that costume, make sure to post how you did it! I'd love to try to make my own as well...:)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Because I am a nerd I DID make my own steam punk costume last year. It's a lot of fun, you should go for it.

Tara C. Wheeler said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw some really awesome pictures of an awesome steampunk wedding and cake! :-))))

Melinda said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh man, I LOVE steampunk! Have you seen Panic! At the Disco's music video for "The Ballad of Mona Lisa"? All steampunk, totally awesome!

Beth W said... Best Blogger Tips

Steampunk is a maker's culture, which means START that outfit now, and you can ad onto it ad infinitum. I think you should go for it, as the psuedo-Victorian nature of steampunk opens a lot of possibilities (ruffles! bustles! tight pants! bodice vests! leather!). :D

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