Photo Shoot Concepts 8

March 23, 2011

Remember last night's PSC (photo shoot concept) post? One word. Sparklers.
This would be great for an engagement or wedding shoot. But how do you pull this technique off?

In a totally dark setting, you can adjust the shutter speed to stay open for several seconds, recording a long exposure. While the shutter is open it will record all the light it “sees.”

If you light the sparkler and wave it around it will record all the movements of the sparkler. Now, here's the key....You then use a flash at some point to light your subject (person) for a moment in time. 

The end product will be a record of all the points of light of the sparkler + the picture from the flash.

3 {comments}:

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said... Best Blogger Tips

How absolutely COOL is this?!!! Now, if only I could figure out how to do the shutter speed and flash concept on my camera...I am in love!

Amy Ruffo said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this!!!

Lynnae said... Best Blogger Tips

My daughter learned how to do a long exposure on her camera so we did a bunch of these on Fourth of July. Our favorite was to have a couple stand and together while two people ran around them with sparklers, one starting at the ground and one starting halfway up. There was enough light we didn't need any flash, and the runners don't really show up. It ends up a lovely couple in a spiral of sparkler light. Once we perfected it all the couples had to have one. We had about 6 people using it as their profile picture on facebook in July.
Try it, it's fun!

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