Photo Shoot Concepts 6

March 15, 2011

Makes a cute engagement shoot photo. You could play around with this idea more using other body parts like hands. You could also take half a photo of your face done differently and hold it up to your face in the photo. So many possibilities.

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Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said... Best Blogger Tips

My five year old just said "Look! Two ipods kissing!" :) Cute!

HarmlessColor said... Best Blogger Tips


Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute idea, but if they were my engagement photos I'd be concerned about the technology (iphone) dating the image. Maybe something intentionally retro, like old TVs or something?

Just an idea, I love this photo shoot concept series, so much fun!

sjjannen said... Best Blogger Tips

This could be cute using digital photo frames, too (or heck, even regular ones). That could mostly avoid the dating issue (and the issue of iphones being ugly--my opinion). Especially if you set the frames on a traditional mantel or something.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

i think it's an awesome idea. i kinda like that the iphones date it because its our generation. your kids can look back on it and be like "ha, you had iphones, that's so retro (or loser whichever)" it's 2011 baby, embrace it. it won't be here forever.

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