BlogNog Guest: Grosgrain!

December 22, 2010

I'm guest blogging over at Say YES! to Hoboken! Over the past few months Liz has been having a fabulous seasonal themed event called BlogNog! (Isn't that just the most clever title?) Anyway, it's amazing, and yes, TODAY I am a guest. I teach you how to make your own felted ball garland just like they sell in Anthropologie!

Go check it out!

And stay tuned for the LAST Embellish Your Knits post today! Tear.

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Joanie Coyote said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh no! I am going to miss the Embellish posts. They are like Christmas every day. I seriously look forward to them. I got some sweaters from the thrift store so I can make my own. Thanks for this series. It's been fantastic. :)

Wendy Hammer said... Best Blogger Tips

OMGosh... I so need to make one of those! YUM!

Wen - My Etsy Shop ♥ - My Blog ♥

Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

could you tell me where you got your Futte Futte? i've been looking all over the web and cant seem to find where to buy them.
thank you!

Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

ps- my email is if thats easier for you

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