Embellish Knit Month: Day 13

November 16, 2010

I took this simple cardigan and added layers of lace to the shoulders. I saw a similar look in Anthropologie.
It has a very ethereal, light and pale look. And was so simple to add. I bought a pre-gathered 1/2" lace. See the before and tutorial below. But if I had to do it over again I would have used a little wider lace.
And in case you're wondering, I bought the dress at H&M for only $35. Looks amazing with and without the sweater:)
1. Add the first layer of lace from just in front of the shoulder seam to just a two inches below the armpit.
2. Add a second tier of lace underneath the one you just sewed on.
3. Add another layer but start it 3" higher than the first two layers.
4. Add another layer next to the one you just added.
5. Finally add two more layers 3" above the previous two layers. Do the same for the other side of the sweater.

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Abs said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun! What a great photo shoot. I love the makeup and hair, too!

MJ said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute!

ms_mims said... Best Blogger Tips

The cardigan is lovely and a bit whimsical. I think what you've done with it is great and has a nice flair.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said... Best Blogger Tips

Only you could do that glitter Kathleen! Love everything about this winter white.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

HAH! It's nail polish!

Sylvia-Louise said... Best Blogger Tips

Just discovered your blog. I LOVE IT! You're knit embellishments are fantastic! I want to try them all. Thanks for sharing!

vmramshur said... Best Blogger Tips

love your blog- new to it today and have spent much time scrolling around. QUESTION:Do you use a stretch needing on your knits or can i use a regular needle in my machine?

flynn said... Best Blogger Tips

I was *hoping* you would conquer this anthro cardi; yes! Thanks again.

mlle.A said... Best Blogger Tips

I discovered your blog via burda style and it's my first comment here. I really appreciate your creation, the idea of this month of knit embellishments is just amazing! I think I'm gonna try with my old sweater!! Thank you for all those great ideas!!

Adventures in Dressmaking said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute! Great idea.

Sheila said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous sweater! I LOVE the dress, I'm sorry am I supposed to be focusing and not checking out the whole wardrobe? Speaking of Anthropologie, when I saw style 19528694 I thought, super cute and maybe not too hard? Same with 19184100 but that's just too easy ;)

private investigator said... Best Blogger Tips

this sweat-shirt became dressy
but it was the ordinary thing

well done!

lili ash said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that lace and how you used it on the shoulders- it looks so great layered. I really like the whole look too- to me it has a cute Bjork-esque vibe!

romanemone said... Best Blogger Tips

So pretty, you look a little bit like Bjkörk, a fairy!

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