Technique Tuesday: Broomstick Skirt (wrinkled look)

October 12, 2010

If you watch Project Runway you might remember Michael D.'s twisted wrinkled skirt. Here's Tuesday's tutorial on how to make the look for yourself using a broomstick.

What a better fit for Halloween month? I recommend using a silky party-like material when doing this.

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drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for posting this! I'm not going to admit how many floor-sweeping broomstick skirts I had in the early 90s - yours is very cool with the wrinkles only going halfway!

Shawnna said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a cool technique! can't wait to try it.

Just curious, will the wrinkles fall out once the skirt is washed?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Pretty much. Unless you dry clean.

Ashley A. said... Best Blogger Tips

Super awesome tutorial! Where is the shirt from? haha you can give up a tutorial on that too ;)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i'd try spritzing some white vinegar onto the damp fabric before drying & ironing/pressing. it works well when doing pleats so i guess it would work well keeping the crinkle together too. just an idea. thanks for the tutorial.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

You mean the one in the top pic. I got it at Forever 21 last spring. Its actually a teal color. I changed it to orange in Photoshop.

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Great tutorial, can't wait to try it, thanks so much. Also, I loved the sounds of all the kids in the background, too cute. :)

Karisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome tutorial! You should link up over at FaveCrafts. We're hosting our first blog hop today! Hope to see you there :)

Em said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely! I love the halfway wrinkles...

Delia said... Best Blogger Tips

I seriously love this! Do you have any ideas of how to make the wrinkles more permanent? Would I have to chemically treat it and if so would you know how?

I already have a fabric in mind from my stash! Thank you , thank you. :)

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