Project Runway Rundown: 16 Down 1 Winner

October 29, 2010

I just have no words.

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AmyBean said... Best Blogger Tips

She had THREE pairs of granny panties and one unfortunate pair of shorts (and that's not counting the granny panties SHE was wearing). She used the same three fabrics for everything. I mean, are you kidding me?!

You know what happened here, right? The judges were mad at Mondo for not listening to them and using that polka-dot dress when they said they hated it. Which is stupid, because that dress is AMAZING. Flattering, chic, just all-around gorgeous. But anyway, they don't like when people don't do what they say. Gwetchen changed her styling when they told her to -- Mondo didn't pitch the dress. Just goes to show that being a brown-noser will take you far in this world.

Boom said... Best Blogger Tips

I was disappointed a bit. I think the jewelry designs swayed the judges; but before the commercial break they seemed to be leaning toward Mondo. Jessica Simpson liked the polka dot dress. Didn't her vote count??? She (Gretchen) will be a good "Devil wears Prada" diva. She will eat the weak.

Brenbren said... Best Blogger Tips

{speechless} too! ????????? What were they thinking!?!?!?!?!

Christy said... Best Blogger Tips

I couldn't believe they didn't mention the knit granny panties! AHHH!

Andrea, said... Best Blogger Tips

I was so mad just watching the commentary portion of the judging and I was like "Dear Lord they are gonna pick Gretchen!" I walked out of the room when they were about to announce it because I didn't even care at that point.

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

I get why people would be upset that Gretchen won, especially with the wave that Mondo was riding.

I do have to agree with the judges, though. While I really liked the majority of what Mondo did at fashion week, I don't think his choices were 100% the best (I had no problem with the bubble dot dress). and if he had done one thing differently - use COLOR throughout most of the collection - then he would have won.

Nina hit it on the head: his collection was a cousin to Seth Aaron's. It wouldn't have been if he would have paired colored and neutral patterns together the way he had over the back half of the season. Those items - the Jackie O' outfit and the couture/ready-to-wear dresses - were the big show-stoppers. Sadly, his collection was a little hard to differentiate.

Anyways, I personally really liked the non-granny-panty parts of Gretchen's collection and her overall look. I like flowy, feminite items and it's been a while since anyone on PR has won with something similar to that (season 5, basically). Gretchen was portrayed and received as the one to hate, really, but I think she earned this.

Unused Account said... Best Blogger Tips

She is such a BEAST!
Since when was sad, 70's Hippie fashion the NEXT THING?

Mondo was robbed.

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

I really don't think Heidi wanted her to win. She had such valid arguments while the judges were debating, and Michael and Nina wouldn't hear her out (which was SO annoying and immature). But Heidi really was right. They (the judges) had been encouraging Mondo all along, and then they suddenly say he wasn't listening to them.

To be fair, I didn't hate Gretchen's collection as much as I thought I would. HOWEVER, it was boring, flat, and not a lot of variety. And Michael and Nina kept saying she's got a pulse on where fashion is going. Ugh. Save me, please, if this is where fashion is going. Weren't they JUST saying one or two episodes ago that maybe she had "run out of ideas" and is "too granola"? Also, they want ed to pick her as the winner b/c her collection was so wearable, straight from the runway. But isn't that what they were criticizing her for last week?? It was "too accessible"?

Mondo takes semi-classic silhouettes and funks them up with color and pattern. I like that about him. And sure some of his runway looks bordered on costume-y. But it's a runway show! Aren't runways supposed to be a little show-y? I don't know a lot about the fashion industry, but I DO know there is his thing called "the trickle down effect". Runways are fantasy. And the the concepts from the runway get diluted and scaled down to be worn in everyday clothing.

Anyway. Yeah. Gretchen. :P

the old white house said... Best Blogger Tips

It was a sad night here @ 612... We thought Mondo was a shoe in, really he is so amazing. I mean the creativity was just oozing from him! I could not believe that they truly were more impressed with Gretchens designs over Mondos! I mean he will be fine I know, he is a true artist but he was robbed... Theresa xoxo

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said... Best Blogger Tips

Argh. I am so upset. I still haven't seen the show, had to record it last night. But I knew the second I went on Twitter this morning the spoiler alert would happen. I just simply cannot believe it. I am praying, hoping upon hope, wishing upon wishes - that she had some sort of miraculous runway collection that I didn't manage to see in the previous episode when we had glimpses. Please, please, please tell me this is so!!! Must watch this show ASAP!!! But I am still in shock and awe over the fact that she beat both Mondo AND Andy!! I couldn't even believe it when she beat out Michael C, let alone those 2 guys! ARGH

Aynna banahna said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah, no. I'm so peeved. She was the worst of all 3. And I loved Andy's. I thought it was mythical and pretty with the color and fabric choices. I am not happy

LivingInSong said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel like crying.

She didn't deserve to won at all!

veronica said... Best Blogger Tips

i SO can't believe either, that they didn't mention the granny panties!

i SO loved Mondo's line.
i was also yelling at the screen, and my hubby said "you know they can't hear you?" but it made me feel better.

i grew up wearing 70's clothes and i hated them then, still not going to wear them now. i don't think it is the next big thing!

laurie -magpie ethel said... Best Blogger Tips

Teen daughter and I were both on the Mondo bandwagon. Young viewer and middle age viewer both were not impressed by Gretchen and her designs. Mondo was a breath of fresh air....he really truly should have won and I hope he goes on to great success despite the loss.

Julia said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought Mondo, Andy, and Michael C. had her beat!!!! They kept saying her clothes were so wearable. I'm sorry, but I don't know any woman of any age who would wear those panties as outerwear in public!!! They didn't even look good on the models. You can buy a case of adult diapers at the drug store that are prettier than those for about 60$! Everything was see through. I was just thinking that I don't even thing Walmart or Kmart would stoop to carrying her things. Maybe the Dollar Store?
I'm not watching again as long as Nina and Michael are judges. Nina should wear those panties!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so disappointed. What bothered me the most was that both Nina and Michael judged them by what is popular now. I don't want the next current designer, I want the next top designer, the designer that the next contestants on Project Runway want to be. I did like some of Gretchen's designs, there were nice wearable pieces, but as a runway collection *YAWN*. So very very disappointed in how they picked the winner this time.

And that polka dot dress was AMAZING!! I didn't see anything costume about it - it was fun and different.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said... Best Blogger Tips

She was my least favorite designer (and person) and I was just shocked. It's not that I love to hate her like Santino a few seasons ago. I just flat out do not like her or her work or her styling. Boo! This was a rather bland season overall though. I feel like the show is losing steam.

DKB said... Best Blogger Tips

good luck to Mondo- i think 2nd place can be a blessing in these reality show contests

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow... that is all I can say... Wow. I can't believe Gretchen won. If this is the current wave of fashion, I would rather be naked than wear her clothes!!

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

I had to come and see what everyone had to say about Gretch winning because I was a bit horrified! I liked some of her earlier stuff, but this was so blah! They kicked Micheal C out for using too much of the same color (btw Andy only used 2 colors as well), but at least MC's stuff was interesting. I would've liked to see his entire collection. Also note to judges - women are embarrassed to be caught wearing granny panties under their clothing, why on earth would they wear them in 100% visibility??? Mondo's stuff was fun and happy, Gretchen's muddy and boring... I guess it's just like they said depends on what flavors you like. Heidi and Jessica I will come over to your house to dinner anytime, Micheal and Nina .. thanks but no thanks!

Tennjenny said... Best Blogger Tips

you and me both, sister.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Poor Mondo. How could this have happened. He was so obviously the winner.

Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, there is some major Gretchen hating going on! Dare I say that I had no problem with her win? "Beast?" "She didn't deserve to win at all?" These comments are harsh! I think we all need to take a step back and consider that a) this is a reality TV show that is highly edited to build characters, and that b) we don't all want to dress the same.

I am happy for her and applaud all the hard work that went into her outfits, including designing bags, hats, and jewelry.

Personally, I'm much more likely to wear one of her flowy dresses than an oversized T-shirt with an embellished day of the dead skull on the front. But that's just my personal taste.

We can all exist in the world of fashion. That's why it's so great: we all design differently, but we shouldn't hate on each other for being different. Let's show some tolerance folks.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I was shocked when they announced Gretchen. Was shocked all over again at the pic on your blog of her win.
What Were They Thinking? Wearable?
I do not thing anyone would like to see me sporting a pair of grannie panties outdoors for all to see. I prefer to wear my grannie panties
allll covered up thank you very much.
So what if Mondos stuff was bright and mixed patterns, almost costumey. The short dress would have been fine with out the leggings, I would love the day of dead shirt over a pair of jeans....more wearable that a leather jacket over those panties...oh well...Can't wait for next season!!!!

Kathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

I both wanted to punch Michael Kors and Nina in the face. I mean, com'on, it's not the styling and the jewelry that counts. It's a fashion show and clothes taken from the damn 70's aren't fashion-forward, they're fashion-backward. I really, really, really appreciated Heidi for pointing out that it was a fashion show and going so far in defending Mondo. But alas... Granola won.

But I'm sure Mondo will get a lot of awesome opportunities after this show. In a year or two we'll hear more about him than about Gretchen.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Gretchen,

The Cosby show called, and they want their "college students in a cafe" clothes back.

BluBabesCreate said... Best Blogger Tips

I watched it last night and was very careful to stay away from any spoilers. I can pretty much pick up Gretchen's collection at a local thrift store. And it's there for a reason. As much as there may seem to be this retro-bohemian-chic thing going on right now, I only like it's going so far. And I don't think Gretchen has the AMAZING sewing skills that Mondo has. And Michael c's collection was far better. I know they're different styles BUT those collections were far more creative and tasteful. No matter how much Gretchen talks about being poor, it won't make me like her collection any better. I just felt like every time she opened her mouth she was basically saying, "Like my clothes because I'm poor." I hope Mondo gets a contract with Target or something. I'm sure I'll find "The Salamander Collection" at the Goodwill. Where they'll hang beside other stuff from the 70's that smells and looks like it's been in the basement for 30+ years. You might even find one and have to revamp it for a project. Oh, and her clothes will make one look like they're 10 pounds heavier than one actually is. One more thing, I think that Ivy is spoiled.

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

Noooooo! I dont have DVR but was planning to watch this at a friends. I dont think I even want to now

debra lynn said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree. Gretchens stuff was a yawn fest. They get on designers for having stuff that is too ready to wear all the time and now it's ok? Isn't the runway supposed to wow us? Her show didn't wow me at all. It all looked very similar and the jewelry was nice but that is all. I'd rather buy one of Mondos accessories any day. Plus his wowed me and I'd wear so many more of his pieces.

Just what is a Clair? said... Best Blogger Tips

I had such a love/hate relationship with Gretchen this season. What finally swayed me in her favor was that even though I might not be really into her style, she INSPIRES me to find my own style. I think that is so important in fashion. She is so confident, and she makes me want to be confident in my style too.

monicalee said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG! I love reading all these comments! I am a girl that actually dresses in what I would call a 'southwest' style verging on granola and the only thing I really liked about gretchen's show was the flow of the fabrics and the varied length of her dresses. NO MORE BROWN please. I did like the "styling" but HATED the jewelry! Talk about boring, and flat. It just could have used some glamour. As much as I like Mondo I think his line looked young. After seeing the entire season, I just don't think there was enough innovation. Past season just had designs that were better or worse MORE INTERESTING.

Erica! said... Best Blogger Tips

Um yes! Def disappointed!

SewsCute said... Best Blogger Tips

I couldn't believe it either, like most of you! What in the world? They cut Michael C because of the one color thing and then Gretchen won and her collection was all the same too. I think Andy's collection was way better then Gretchen's. I would never ever wear anything she had put out there. Also last season the judges said that you shouldn't be able to ware anything from a runway show that it had to trickle down to wearable clothes but this year Gretchen wins because her clothes are wearable? Crazy! Mondo was clearly the winner by popular choice and that's how I choose to see it.

Amy M. said... Best Blogger Tips

I do NOT get this. What is with the bizaare knit underwear as outerwear? While I liked Gretchen's ideas in theory, I felt that most of the clothing looked like something my grandmother would wear on vacation. Except for the knit bloomers of course.

Crafting by Candlelight

rainydaytoys said... Best Blogger Tips

Very disappointed!!!

Laura Beth said... Best Blogger Tips

You know, Gretchen winning didn't bother me as much as having to listen to (and look at) Jessica Simpson. Of all the celebrities, why Jessica Simpson??
I love Mondo, but I understand why Gretchen won.

flynn said... Best Blogger Tips

As soon as I heard him say "There are two kinds of designers; John Guilliano and Michael Kors," I knew how *that* was going to go. I wanted less commentary and more clothes! Maybe next time ...

Niqueknacks said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah, since when is Jessica Simpson a fashion icon, booo on them for picking her.

I'm sorry, Gretchen's collection was boring, I had to keep rewinding because i though I had spaced out and they were re-showing the clothes, nope just the same old ugly prints and already been done stuff,I get that retro is in, but I would never wear that stuff nor give it to someone else as a gift (even if I hated them, I would want to spare my eyes)

I think Mondo deserved it hands down. He had a great use of color and diversity in his line. I loved how he incorporated screenprinting, kept to his roots, and i would pretty much wear anything in his collection.
That plaid dress was AMAZING.
I have to say I wasn't to keen on the final dress, looks kinda like what cruella deville would wear if you gave her an upper. but the collection as a whole was interesting and showed a wide range while being cohesive.

They criticized Mike C. for the same thing that gretchen did, one fabric does not a collection make.
I was sooooooooooooooo pissed I just walked out the room when I heard them annouce it. I think it has something to do with the producers or something because this just doesnt make ANY sense. Gretchen does not even come close to Mondo's talent

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Heidi wore Mondo's dress to the "Black Swan" screening! It's shorter and sleeveless but definitely the b&w dress from his final collection.

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