Project Runway Rundown: 11 down 6 to Go

October 1, 2010

If the team challenge was the drama episode then last night's episode was the tear-jerker. Contestants were told to design a textile based on a memory from their past or something from their lives.

April designed a fabric based on her parents divorce, Valerie designed a fabric based on the blueprints her father would bring home from work, Gretchen designed a fabric based on a hat her mother wore, Mondo designed a fabric based on his HIV Positive status.

I admit, I wasn't expecting that. From there, we followed the contestants and their parents/significant others who came to visit. Mondo admitted that he hadn't told his family about his disease and said they did not embrace his sexuality. It felt a little weird watching Mondo and his mother like a third-person omniscient observer knowing this big secret while also knowing that she didn't know. So the interaction was bittersweet. And I couldn't help but feel sad for her. It would be devastating news for a mother to hear. Knowing your son could possibly die before you do.

Seeing the contestants freak out and break down when their parents arrived was a bit bewildering? Is this what happens when they come home for Thanksgiving? I guess the drama of the show enhances the drama of seeing loved ones. Still, if I saw my mother I'd be happy but I don't think I'd break down sobbing. I could possibly relate to seeing your child after a long time.
As for the designs. I'm glad Mondo won. Not only was it fitting but it really was the best out of the bunch. Who else cringed when guest designer Rachel Roy told Mondo his inspiration fabric was too perfect since 'life' isn't perfect. Then said, "When you think of inspiration think of the garment in mind." All before his revelation.

Andy's outfit was the worst. Even I (not being a famous diva) would never wear it. It made his gorgeous model look so plain! With the blue-collar collar, it looked very K-Mart. He admitted he was distracted from his mother's visit but this just confirms my belief that the judges don't base their decision solely on the current week's creation. It was way worse than Valerie's but because they wanted Andy to stay they chose Valerie to go home.
Valerie's dress was not that bad. The only thing I will say about it is that it did look very similar to her dinner napkin dress. In the last few moments, she looked ready to go home and didn't seem surprised by the decision but I do think she was surprised by their initial criticism. It wasn't a bad dress.

She had a very lovely departing speech and had something relevant and nice and eloquent to say about everyone. I was worried she was going to get to someone and stumble but her words spot on and I was impressed and relieved.
In all, I wasn't really bowled over with any of the designs. They were all really just ready-to-wear. Gretchen was one of the worst in regards to this. What were they thinking? Heidi must only see stars when Gretchen stands in front of her. She can do no wrong. At least Nina disagreed. The print was okay. Very simple. It could have used more variation but the design couldn't have been more plain.
Michael C.'s dress wasn't too bad. It was at least not as boring as Gretchen and Christopher's. Actually, I liked Christopher's I would love to wear it, but it just wasn't *Project Runway* fabulous!!!! But like the rest of the designs, Michael C.'s wasn't amazing.

Actually, April's was pretty interesting. The skirt looked very gothy and matched the fabric.
So like I said I'm glad Mondo won. But what about next week?! Cheating? Heidi accusing Mondo of being rude?! Looks like another big bahama mama drama! Or not. You never can trust those previews.

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Aeriena Eve said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm sorry, I feel like such an idiot, but is there a Grosgrain store? I swear I've read some references to it somewhere, but I can't find it!

Aeriena Eve said... Best Blogger Tips

Is there a grosgrain store? I swear I've read references to it somewhere, but I can't find it!

Melinda said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay, I was DYING to hear what you had to say about last night episode! It was CRAZY! First off, I'm so angry that Andy didn't get sent home, that was HORRIBLE. There was nothing good about it, and I'm so irritated with the judging. Its quite ridiculous. I could go on and on and on! I can't believe Christopher wasn't called out on the fact that his outfit looked EXACTLY like the one Casanova got sent home for except it was blue instead of beige! Where was the "this is so grandma!"? What the crap were they talking about with Gretchen, that it was bohemian? Whats bohemian about black satin cigarette pants?! It was not good. I don't think Valerie's dress was bad and she shouldn't have been sent home, but I agree that she gave a great goodbye speech! I find Heidi totally rude and I don't understand how the judges just say crap that totally doesn't make sense, and then say something else the next time, totally contradicting themselves. Dumb. I too thought the guest judge should feel pretty bad for saying that to Mondo, wow. Okay, I think I got it all out. Thanks for that! :)

drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

Kathleen, I totally agree with your assessment. The judges really had a hard time picking a top 3 - the only one they didn't pick apart wa Mondo's.

Was I the only one who softened a little bit when Gretchen saw her mom, then stiffened right back up when MOM started talking strategy? (When they were talking about the Marie Claire win, "That's what we want, exposure") I liked Gretchen's print, I like the way she cut around it in the back, I did not like the boob hole. I mean, I know it was an armhole, but the boobs should not be visible in an armhole.

I love Mondo. I've liked him from the beginning, but for him to open up on the runway was clearly difficult for him. And he was the only one who's look was flawless.

I thought that some of them created beautiful prints (Michael C., Andy, Valerie), but they didn't use them properly. The patterns got lost in the design. I loved the printout of Michael C.'s, but it didn't translate the same way on the fabric and in the dress.

I will miss Valerie. Her farewell speech says a lot about her - she's classy and just a nice person. Her dress wasn't really that bad, but if you compare it to the napkin dress, it is really similar - even the bodice is the same. I think she could have used that print even just to make a standard day dress and she would have been safe.

I can't believe there are only 6 left!!!!

Abs said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to say, I totally get the sobbing when the mothers come in. It's partly exhaustion--this show is slow for us but fast for the designers. It's crucible drama, when you're with the same people, challenges every few days, very little sleep, very little outside interaction or contact. Then, the person who gave birth to you walks in. The person who has very possibly listened to you cry on the phone, who was there for you when you broke up with your boyfriend, who makes the best pie and/or macaroni and cheese...I know I would sob and sob. Especially if she brought pie.
Sometimes, no matter how old you get, you just need your mommy.

Charlotte said... Best Blogger Tips

My heart broke last night for Mondo. My husband and I were already rooting for him. His designs are stand-out and for the most part his personality is incredibly endearing. Now, seeing his courage to open up and push beyond what he is dealing with to stay true to who he is and make some amazing work, well, I could give a crap about the rest of the designers. Their work is pretty wishy-washy and Mondo has been pretty consistent the rest of the way. In my opinion!

(Although, my fave prints were April's and Gretchen's- they were pretty and a bit more outside of the box than the rest.)

P.S.- I can't ever wait to ready your weekly Runway Rundowns!!!

Jennifer Rzasa said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that font you used to identify each person's design. What font is it?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

It's Sketchy. You can find it for free here:

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Abs is right about the crying when you see mom!

I loved this episode. I like seeing the personal side of the designers. But I didn't like any of their designs other than Mondo's (and April's a little bit). Nothing else screamed "runway," and I agree that Andy's was by far the worst and should have been sent home.

M and E said... Best Blogger Tips

I cried throughout the entire episode! First when Mondo was telling his story originally, then when their moms came in, then when Tim came in and got choked up out of the blue, then practically everything that the contestants said on the runway, then Valerie's little speech...Geez!! Who knew PR could be so dang emotional!

And I have to agree. Andy's outfit was really, really ugly. And Gretchen's...???

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow I can't believe there are only 6 designers left. I am with you, M and E, I cried through this whole episode! I can see how it would be emotional to see a family member show up in the midst of all the craziness and stress... and it was nice that they let them have a day off just to hang with them. Mondo's was by far the best design... no doubt in my mind that he will be at Fashion Week ... still just don't know who the other two will be. Why they are so enamored of Gretchen I have no idea... I think this outfit was just blah and I was not in love with her print. Christopher's was boring too and Andy's was hideous, but I think they see more potential in Andy and that is why Valerie got sent home. I liked that she said what she did before she left and had kind things to say about everyone... very classy!

Regina said... Best Blogger Tips

I was actually pleased with Gretchen's design this week. True it was boring and you could buy it at any store but at least it wasn't frumpy hippie dippy like she usually does.

I LOVED Mondo's. As soon as his model walked onto the runway I thought wow her legs are 10 feet long! He did great and I'm really glad he finally got his secret out. I couldn't imagine holding something like that in for so long!

April's was my second favorite.

The judges are right about Christoper. I like his clothes but they aren't memorable. The only one I remember is the jacket that they hated but I loved!

I kind of liked Michael's design. It was a funky woman's business suit. I wasn't head over heals for it but he had ideas at least.

I was really torn between who should go home. Andy's was bad but so was Valerie's. The top was so loose and bunchy. It really bothered me plus the material for the top looked cheap and scratchy to me. The napkin skirt just laid flat. I think if it was more airy it would've worked. The blue underneath was just weird! She at least put effort into it. Andy's was just a throw away.

I also don't get the whole mother freak out part but my mom is more of a thorn in my side than a friend so it's hard to relate.

Next week looks crazy. To me it seems that Ivy accuses Michael of cheating and they kick her off the show but I could be way off base.

iheartdesign said... Best Blogger Tips

Ditto to drea dear! Im glad that i wasn't the only one that was sobbing through the episode! I really love Mondo too, but it way too predictable that he is the favorite? For me he is the Seth Aaron, the Christan S and the Jeffery (remember with the detroit neck tat?!) of this season.Actually, maybe April fits into that as well? I have my top 3....can we just skip to it? Mondo, April and Gretch. Im ready. :)

Danika said... Best Blogger Tips

I believe Gretchen's design is actually based off of a necklace her mother owned, not a hat. She mentions a sun bonnet or "squash blossom necklace" which is an American Indian type of jewelry. That explains why she felt it tied into her being from the Southwest.

Ruhammie said... Best Blogger Tips

The one thing I agreed with the judges on was when they said that this is Project Runway and that everyone dropped the ball, except for Mondo. I felt his was runway fashion but the rest were totally ho-hum, they did not give me that wow factor that I expect to usually see on the show, or like the judges said, in a runway fashion show. I think they were all completely distracted by the visit of a loved one. My guess for top three: Mondo, Gretchen and Andy. :)

Hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish someone would give Mondo some competition. He's deserved to win the last three, which is brutal, someone else should be stepping it up! Not that I don't love Mondo...I'm just getting bored watching most of the rest of them. Although I like April.

Everything Gretchen says sounds contrived to me.

Mommy Moxie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I cried for most of this episode. I am 1000 miles away from my mom, who is one of my best friends, and if she walked through MY door right now I would bawl, so through a door where you've been trapped under a tremendous amount of stress for weeks on end?!? I would have been Andy, a total distracted wreck. His work certainly showed it, but at least he's thrown up some interesting designs. I think Val knew her time was limited, and her speeches at the end were pure class and from the heart. I'm still saying Mondo, Gretchen and April! I think Michael C will go next, then Christopher and Andy in the end (unless he flops again next week). Designing for Heidi is going to be a challenge...

Laurel said... Best Blogger Tips

i think that the reason gretchen is still on the show is NOT because she's a fabulous designer (when everything she designs looks like it could have been worn by luke skywalker's aunt)... but it's because she gets ratings because she is so incredibly obnoxious. if she were taken off the show, the drama level would drastically decrease, and what producer wants that?

sb said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you on the crying-for-mom thing. I would absolutely NOT cry. It would be, like, "Oh, hey, Mom - it's nice to see you. How's it going?"

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