Shabby Apple's SECOND Dare to Design Contest

September 13, 2010

Shabby Apple is having their 2nd Dare to Design contest!!!! Here are some of this year's latest entries I found from googling.

After last year's win I'm going to hang my hat and see what other's have to offer this year. But if you are a crafty gal YOU SHOULD ENTER! It was so much fun. I definitely recommend trying.

The rules are the same and simple as ever.

1. Design a dress. You definitely DO NOT have to be a professional designer, or an artist, or a seamstress or anything like that. Just think of what you would want to wear and put it down on paper the best you can.

2. Put up a sketch, computer drawing or photograph of your design on your own personal blog, with a post that includes the words "dress design for Shabby Apple dresses." The words "Shabby Apple dresses" should be a link back to their site ( Don't forget this step! Posts without a link back to their site will not be considered.

3. Also include some ideas for fabrics and colors in your post, and tell us about your design inspiration.
4. Once your post is up and running and just the way you like it, send an e-mail to with the direct link to your entry post.

5. Remember that the dress you design should adhere to Shabby Apple standards. That means it should have sleeves and a hemline to the knee, and let's leave the cleavage out of it, shall we? (I mean, come on, your grandma could be reading this!)

6. Dresses should also be appropriate for the Spring season.

7. If your dress is chosen, it will become part of Shabby Apple's next spring line! Fame! Fortune! You will be responsible for getting a sample made, but not to worry if you can't make one yourself. Shabby Apple will hook you up with the resources you need.


1. The contest is underway RIGHT NOW and entries can be submitted up to 11:59 EST on October 15, 2010. 

2. Their favorite 15 entries will be posted on their blog by October 22, 2010.

3. Reader will have a chance to vote on their favorite. Whoever has the most votes by November 15, 2010 will be the big winner! And that big winner will be announced November 22nd.

The winning dress will become part of the Shabby Apple Spring collection, and the winner will also receive a 3% royalty on every dress sold of his or her design.

Designs from left to right:  Food For Thought, Fashion Over Fifty, GraceLaced, Adventures as Newlyweds

10 {comments}:

LakshmiRP said... Best Blogger Tips

Count me in. Time to sharpen my pencil

Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said... Best Blogger Tips

I think your blog is fabulous, so I just gave you an award, please go check it out

Molly Katherine Harries said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like fun. BUT...before I get too excited, is this competition only open to US residents? Hope not!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is such a great contest. Thanks for sharing it. I have already a lot of ideas !

Mruna Mistry said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like fun...will mostly enter!

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

I have designed a dress, I am trying to be brave enough to enter!

Adventures in Dressmaking said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw this a couple weeks ago, and am definitely going to enter!!! Hard to say if I'll make the dresses, like you did, or just do pictures... I am so excited, how great would it be to win?! Well, you know! ;)

Alexis Olson said... Best Blogger Tips

Im so in


Whitney said... Best Blogger Tips

Here is my entry

Marta Nielsen said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow,that's my design! I am totally flattered.

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