Project Runway Rundown: 8 down 9 to go

September 10, 2010

Ivy's crazy energy drives Michael D. crazy

It's kinda hard for me to write this rundown as I am too excited to learn all the new gizmos on my new IPHONE!!!! For years now I've only gotten the 'free' phones that come with the plan. But this year for my birthday, Brian promised to get me an iphone when my contract renewed which happened yesterday. I AM SO ESTATIC! On top of being a sci-fi nerd I am also a gizmo geek. Perhaps the two go hand in hand. Any of you have any good app suggestions for me? I just got the new Star Walk app. Brian and I both love everything astronomy and took classes together in college. Star Walk is the one where you hold the phone up to the sky and it shows you the constellations and stars that you are pointing to. We did it in the house last night. It was pretty amazing.

Okay, enough about my silly phone. Onto the show!

Last night was pretty tame. But I guess everything seems tame compared to the team challenge episode. BUT this week the contestants DID pair up in groups of two. I think the show does this just to spice things up. Each designer came up with the look they wanted to make and their partner sewed their idea, the same way a sample maker would sew a designer's sketches.
Surprisingly, not much drama. Mondo and Michael C. started off badly. Mondo was surely being a d**k as he put it. I'm surprised Michael C. doesn't just tell everyone to go to hell sometimes. I was all ready to write a nasty post about Mondo and how his behavior makes him look bad but thankfully he redeemed himself the next day and apologized to Michael C. I'm just confused as to where the revelation came from. One minute he was all "I'm not really excited about this because your construction is awful." The next he was all "I was such a jerk in the beginning."
So the designs. I thought Andy's swimsuit and cover up should have won HANDS DOWN!! It was AMAZING! And Casanova, I have to admit, has really grown on me. In the doubt. But it's funny how as you get to know someone they are very different from first impressions. He turned out to be nice, funny, someone you wouldn't mind knowing in real life, and aside from that green woman's sweater he wore once, I liked his taste. I know it might have looked a little matronly (even Brian blurted out how old his look was walking down the runway) but I DON'T think it should have been at the bottom. It looked well made and I liked it. So sue me. I was disappointed when they announced Ivy would be the one to stay.
Michael Kors had a different role in this episode. Seeing him out of his seat, standing up and walking around was weird. It was like seeing a teacher outside of school. Like seeing a dog walk on his hind legs. But I have to say, I liked seeing him in more of a mentor role than a judgy one. I want to like him as a person. Is that odd? He seems like the kind of person who could care less who likes him.
I was interested to discover that Michael D. was self taught. I was also interested to know that Ivy attended Parsons. I was proud that Michael D. didn't make excuses for himself about his lack of sewing terminology. He was very realistic about his speed and result. Instead of getting angry at Ivy he apologized for not being able to do what she wanted. I guess as a self taught sewer myself I empathize with Michael D. and wonder what things I don't know as well. I sometimes think wouldn't it be neat if I could go back in time and apply for design school. Where would I be now?
I think Mondo's outfit should have gone home. Michael Kors was spot on when he described it as 'K-Mart.' Really, it looked like something you'd find at K-MART!!!!

Ivy's outfit WAS very boring. Maybe it was Michael D.'s fault maybe it wasn't. Kristen Bell said it well, "Ivy, as trained as you are, you have to be the type of person who can look at Michael's strengths and say okay how can we best win together."
Other than that single comment, I found myself rolling my eyes every time Kristen Bell opened her mouth. I don't know, nothing she said was categorically annoying but something about her rubbed me the wrong way. I guess I'm always a little annoyed when actresses guest judge. Have they ever designed a dress in their life? Anyone can wear designer clothing.

All in all, a middle of the road episode. To see what Casanova had to say after leaving check out this link. In it, Tim Gunn says some good things about the construction of his pieces. I'm always interested in what he has to say about the judges decisions. Who do you think will be the final three? 

For this latest episode visit Lifetime's Project Runway page here.

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What-I-Found said... Best Blogger Tips

Just want to thank you for the Star Finder app, gonna check it out tonight!
Here's a free one you might like...FabUnits. It converts vintage fabric widths to match todays patterns. It does more too, but I haven't played with it much yet.
I just had my "regular" computer in the shop for a whole week, but was able to keep my business going using my iPhone...I love this thing!

Keri said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm really questioning the judges' decisions this season! I loved Andy's ensemble and thought it should win and April's just looked like beach lingerie to me. I would never consider that as high fashion! Ivy's outfit was super boring. If they were taking the past into consideration, Casanova has been much more compelling.
Still love the show though!

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree. Andy should have won hands down. His garment was just beautiful and the swimsuit was very sophisticated. I didn't like April's because it looked like it belonged in the bedroom and not on the beach.

However, I love Casanova's outfit. I didn't think that it was to matronly. Maybe I just like the older look, but I loved it and thought that it was very classic. Which is what I love in fashion anyways. I am looking forward to the Jackie Kennedy episode too!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

You're not alone. I liked Casanova's outfit too. I will admit it seemed a little out of place compared to most of the outfits that night. But the judges kept saying it looked like a 70 year old going to the mall or something like that. I have a hard time imagining the average little old lady wearing that top and being able to pull it off. No offense, I'm just saying...

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know who will be in the top 3, as I'm getting more and more bored with Gretchen's designs and color choices especially, yet I thought she'd be #1 from the beginning.

I do know, however, that I GASPED when Ivy didn't go home. Mondo - I was pretty sure they wouldn't send him home because of past success and the fact that his outfit was at least young (albeit too young.) When Ivy's look came out on the stage, I said "ugh..." as I was kind of bored and didn't think that, even with the complication of having a "weaker" partner, she would have made such a boring outfit.

I'll miss Casanova a lot ("I'm even getting fat!"). I can say that the macrame-like belt and the color of the pants were old fashioned, but the clothes were well made. Also, I don't know any granny who would be wearing a neckline like that, let alone the back-less design!

Truthfully, I didn't expect Casanova to make it to the top 3, but I hoped he'd have that "Michael C. luck" and stick around a bit longer.

Ivy should have went home. Oh well.

Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have an iPhone, but I have heard of this app called Fabric Stash :)

Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

Found some more apps..

Yardae Calc

Some other's are mentioned in the comments on this page too:

Melinda said... Best Blogger Tips

One of my favorite lines from Casanova--talking about working with Gretchen: "Oh my gosh, she thinks I'm a retard." hahahaha

Lizzie said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes it definitely should have been Ivy going home. While I understand being a bit sympathetic for Michael, he really had no clue. Did you get when he asked her what stay-stitching was? Good grief! I can't believe they didn't put Gretchen in the bottom because of her awful color choices.
I went and looked at all the pics from the collections presented at Fashion week yesterday. They had 10 designers present so we wouldn't know who was in the final three. Anyway, I didn't really like any of them. They were all kind of meh. In the beginning I thought Gretchen was the most talented but I'm getting ever so tired of her drabby bohemian style.

Juliab said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm in the UK so I haven't seen any of the new series yet - I am having to make do with re-runs of Season 4 and 5!

Kelsey said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you on Casanova's look. I won't even lie, I've all ready considered drafting a shirt similar to his from last night. I like Mondo's design aesthetic, but last night was horrible, that's for sure. I would have rather seen Ivy go home. Sure, she can sew, but can she design?

I'm curious, you didn't mention Gretchen's look. I couldn't decide what I thought of it.

Ana said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to say that I also really liked Casanova's outfit. It looked very comfortable and perfect for resort wear. I really like Casanova as well. I'm sorry to see him leave.

emily.marie said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with everyone else that Ivy should have been the one to go home! Her outfit was a serious snore, and that was no one's fault but hers. I agree that Casanova's wasn't THAT bad. If he had made one of his pieces in a more vibrant colour it would have been much less "matronly". If nothing else, in his absence I will mostly miss Heidi saying "Cazzanova". Loved that he got a touching exit montage :)

As for the winners, I'm glad that April finally took it! She deserved it with that design. The only appealing thing about Andy's was that ombre wrap skirt (to the credit of whoever designed the textile), but it sure wasn't innovative. In my opinion, v-crotch monokinis should all burn.

The next episode looks fantastic! "Jackie O would NOT have camel toe!" bwahahaha!

Loving the weekly rundowns!


{ erin } said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVED Cassanova's outfit. I wish I could wear it. Stunning. I actually gasped when it came out. It was... romantic but professional. I didn't think it was "old lady". But... that's just me?

Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

oo, I just got an iphone too! I'm still playing with it.

Carmen said... Best Blogger Tips

I really liked Casanova's outfit... even his model said "I'd wear this". I was shocked when Ivy didn't go home. Her outfit didn't have any style!

One thing that annoys me... Gretchen designs what seems to be the exact same outfit every time. I can't stand her stuff and don't understand why the judges eat it up.

jhelene said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome to the iPhone world! You definitely need a Pandora App (awesome music). I have only had my phone for a couple of months and I loved it. Yesterday while I was out and having to sit and wait for quite a while, I watched a you tube video on how to do a new crochet stitch and then started a new crochet project.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Did it look like the guest judge was January Jones from Mad Men? I'm looking forward to next week's episode on Jackie Kennedy.

I agree, Ivy, should have gone.

drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

So agree about Andy and Cassanova. At least Cassanova designed something. Seriously, Ivy? An over-sized, ill-fitting tunic and a too-long skirt, in a boring color palette? I think Cassanova was fortunate to be paired with Gretchen's sewing skills, it was executed beautifully. I didn't think it was awfully matronly, but it looked more like an office-to-cocktails look than resort wear.

When Andy's look came down the runway, I forgot it was a swimsuit - it looked like a gorgeous dress. I also thought he should have won.

Regina said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bored with everything this year but like a train wreck I can't stop watching.

I think Mondo changed his mind when he actually had an outfit to look at. I still don't get why everyone hates Michael so much. Yeah he's kinda weird but he can sew.

Andy should have won.

Ivy's dress was a disaster. Yeah it wasn't sewn well but SHE picked those bland colors and seriously she had those last 10 minutes. It's not a lot of time but I think she could have at least attempted to throw something dramatic in there. It's like she didn't even try.

I actually liked Casanova's outfit. I didn't love it but it shouldn't have been in the bottom. Wondering what everyone thought of Gretchen's? I HATED hers. I thought for sure she'd be in the bottom.

Mel said... Best Blogger Tips

You have to get smacktalk, and don't play with it the first time unless your kids are sitting with you, in close proximity. My son and I were in tears from laughing so hard. Dd joined in round 2.
I like the shopper app, for groceries, store flyers, etc.

hooli said... Best Blogger Tips

I think they did this challenge specifically to weed out the "non-sewers" because it has been such a huge topic this season.

jayayceeblog said... Best Blogger Tips

I so agree with you ... Andy should have won! I would wear Casanova's outfit (loved it) and either Ivy or Mondo should have gone home. I really thought April's looked like bedroom lingerie, not meant for the beach. Gretchen and Ivy act so nasty and like they know more than the judges. At this point, I'm pulling for Michael C. to win with Andy and Valerie in the top 3, not even for their design abilities but because they seem a little more humble than the others.

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said... Best Blogger Tips

Once again catching up a little late...

I still don't quite understand why Andy didn't win. His design was so much nicer than Aprils!!

And yay for Mondo admitting that he was being unfair to Michael C. It takes a lot to admit that and I give him a lot of credit.

Ivy needs to get a clue. She thinks she is so superior to everyone else and it is getting sickening. I would be very happy to see Ivy go home soon!!! And I am so sad that Cassanova is gone - he was really endearing and sweet!!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said... Best Blogger Tips

And I have to add that I have so much respect for the designers who leave with dignity and grace - Cassanova (and Peach last week) both exemplify this. They are not forlorn or feeling sorry for themselves. They are proud of what they have accomplished (as they should be) and walk out with their heads held high...kudos to both of them!

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

oh yea like if they wear clothing that somehow makes them qualified to judge the designer! pish posh! i was disappointed in mondo, but glad that he wised up. i think i will miss casanova too. i have a softie for drama queens. it was a good show! and i agree about Korrs! Weird!

Zegi said... Best Blogger Tips

Casanova definitely did not deserve the ax this week. Of everything shown it was the only outfit I would have had any interest in putting on. Sure the bathing suit with silky cover up was sexy and great but are there average women willing to wear it? Do I want to wear a suit that has a cover up that makes me look like I enjoy soft porn and can't keep my sleeves up? I did like Michael D's look as well and I would wear that if I was sure my gut wouldn't show (spandex, please come to my rescue!) Anyway, the whole point is i thought Casanova's look was lovely. I personally don't know any 70 year olds willing to bare both their shoulders and their saggy shoulder blades. The judges must have remarkably fit and plasticized grandmas.

Kiraph said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked Casanova's outfit as well! I thought it was lovely and elgant. I was so suprised to find him in the bottom three and thought Ivy should have gone home as well.

I loved Andy's design though. It was something that anyone could have worn and that wrap was just divine!

Kathleen, this could be dangerous, but you have to download angry birds. :)

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