Project Runway Rundown: 10 down 7 to go

September 24, 2010

Now that the new tv season has started, Thursday nights have become a mine field of dvr-ing in our household. We love everything on NBC Thursday nights from 8-10pm. But that's smack in the middle of Project Runway, and my sci-fi favorite Fringe (which gets priority). Oh and Grey's Anatomy which usually gets canceled AND It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Man, there are some nights where we don't watch anything. Our DVR only tapes two things at once which SUCKS! So every 30 minutes we get messages saying "you have a conflict, cancel xxxxx for xxxxx?"

So around 10pm I get the ominous message and I think, Project Runway's over, it must be a repeat.....cancel....but of course what I forgot was that it's on for an hour....and a half. So as we're watching it later, it goes to commercial after the top and bottom contestants have been announced the then....suddenly ends. What just happened? Ahhh! I wanted to see who was in the top and who was in the bottom.
The contestants were asked to make a couture look AND a matching ready to wear look. The winner would receive $20,000! It was interesting to hear how the money would 'change their lives'. But I think April might have been a little less than practical when describing how she was going to use the money to buy a miniature pony. She was being serious, correct?
Well, needless to say I couldn't wait to watch it on today so I read about it online last night instead. And immediately I was shocked. Gretchen? Top three? Really? Her looks was mother....drapey....hippie....peace love. In fact, MOST of her work is like this. I saw one blogger change her name to 'Wheatgrass' and I laughed. Too true. I might just start calling her that as well. I guess it's good she has a voice? On second look, I did like the feathering on the skirt and the back looked lovely as well but her ready to wear was sooooo boring! WHAT WHERE THE JUDGES LOOKING AT?
Mondo won. I did like his dress. The bustle was pretty amazing. I thought it was cute when he said "I left with $14 in my bank account. Now I have $20,014 in my bank account." Funny.

But I liked Christopher's couture look the best. It looked ethereal which I guess is just my personal taste. However, I didn't like his ready to wear look. It was rather blah. Maybe that's why he wasn't in the top three?
I also didn't hate Michael C.'s. The hip pieces were interesting. Even though it was in the bottom three, the judges actually had kind of nice things to say about it. I wouldn't describe the color as 'bordello'. To me it bordello implies some kind of blood red. I though it looked more plum. The train was pretty crazy but I'm a sucker for over-the-top so I didn't hate it.
Surprisingly, I was sad for Ivy, who was sent home. I don't think she should have gone home over Valerie only because her ready to wear wasn't that bad. However, the other piece was just awful. Had she changed the neckline, used 20x more chiffon and of course had more time, perhaps she could have come up with something much more amazing. I actually think her ready to wear piece looked more couture.
Valerie's dresses just did not go together. And yes, it did look very pagenty. She should have been the one to go home. I think the judges, despite the fact that they say they don't, DEFINITELY base their decision on past work. There's just no question in my mind. But I don't think Valerie is making it to the top three.
Andy's looked very detailed. I liked it. I think it fit the couture bill. And although I didn't think it was the 'prettiest'. I think it should have won for the criteria of couture.
I have to say that the weekly teasers they aired were really reaching for drama which wasn't there at all in this episode. And I can't say I'm not surprised. Did I miss the clip where Gretchen said, "Some borders were crossed." I don't even remember seeing that anywhere. 

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britt said... Best Blogger Tips

just so you know, you have me addicted to project runway now. i had never watched it before and i don't have tv at home. so i watch it like every free second that i am somewhere with internet!! which you know, you can watch those episodes of things that you can't dvr online, usually on the channel's web site. so maybe you can see everything that you want on thursday night.

Ana said... Best Blogger Tips

I forgot to watch this last night. I was making something for my soon be 1 year old daughter's birthday. Who was taken out?

Simply Lunar said... Best Blogger Tips

Thursday is definitely best TV night. Too many good shows on while some days there's nothing to watch - they should spread it out so we can enjoy everything. :)

Beth Lemon said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree with you on everything, especially the faux drama. There was one "coming next" scene where Tim says, "I'm shaking." I seriously was thinking that someone had died or dropped out of the competition but it was only a second look. That was a bit much. Oh, and Fringe was good too.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh sorry I didn't make that quite clear. It was Ivy.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh congrats Ana,
That's a better thing to be doing anyway:)

Abs said... Best Blogger Tips

I heard "bordeaux" rather than bordello--bordeax was how Michael C himself described it. Did I miss something the judges said? I only pay half attention to the judging sometimes.
I love Fringe, too, and Destination Truth, and they're on at the same time as PR! But since I do a PR blog, too, that takes priority and the rest gets recorded. Thank goodness they moved Supernatural.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hello! i am happy to see that we watch the same shows!!! :) i dont watch a TV, so i catch all the shows on and for project runway, mylifetime :)

verbatim said... Best Blogger Tips

I think the judges called the color of Michael's pieces "Bordeaux," as in the wine. Anyway, that's what I heard.

chchoo said... Best Blogger Tips

The "borders were crossed" comment was near the beginning when her and Michael were squabbling over using the same colored fabric. Whaaa.

fawndear said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your reviews. I thought Gretchen should have been bottom three. Didn't like her looks at all. 'Sigh'

Love 'Project Runway' too. I'm dabbling with the idea that next season I'd watch through where Tim gives everyone a challenge, then shut off the TV and try and accomplish the same challenge on my own. See what comes out. I think I'd have to fabric shop at the thrift store though. Can't afford real fabric prices. Might be fun if a bunch of us tried to do that and posted our completed outfits on a Saturday after the show. But then there is the reality of being mom's with family to take care of. Hey, a girl can dream, Right?

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

I, too, think Valerie should have went home over Ivy, and was kind of secretly wondering if they were going to send both home. I think they ended up sending Ivy home because her clothes made her models look about two or three sizes larger than they were.

I didn't mind Mike C.'s stuff, although the train was a little bit crazy! I think what the judges meant by "bordello" is actually referring to the style of the little dress (i.e. brothel, which the word means), rather than the color. I'll say, though - if it WERE red, it'd be down right "Pretty Woman" when Julia was still working the streets!

I am just a little surprised they didn't pick Andy for the winner and Christopher for the top 3. Gretchen's look? The back detailing was gorgeous, but everything else...well, I wouldn't wear it!

Overall I like who won (very advitorial-friendly!), I'm ok with who left, and kind of wish it was a double elimination. Oh, and the "crossed the borders" was in reference to Mike C. using a similar color to Gretchen's fabric which was, well...not really that present!

Thanks for reviewing this show - I like to hear what other people have to say now that my PR watching buddy lives two time zones away from me!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahhh yes, you are all right. Bordeaux NOT bordello. How silly of me. Well, that makes more sense now.

And hey, Abs and Petite Republic I'm soo excited that you watch the same shows as me! I think what a person watches says a lot about their likes and dislikes and whether you will connect better with a person. So did anyone watch Fringe? Good good good. I should start a sci-fi blog.

That is AN ABSOLUTELY COOL IDEA! I might try something like that next season. We could have like a Workroom Wednesday!! I don't know how many people would get involved that would be a lot of work but maybe some would do it once and other do it another day. It might work. Good idea!

drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree with your assessment. I thought Gretchen should have been in the middle and Christopher in the top (I actually liked both of their RTW looks).

Somehow, Ivy managed to make a bright, bold color look like beige. How does she do that? Can she make a career out of making things boring? I hope so, because that seems to be her talent.

I think I'm glad Valerie stayed because I like her personality - I can acknowledge that her clothes were really bad this time, but I just love HER, and I want her to do better.

I agree that Andy's was probably the most couture - I loved the red print he used to create the metallic look. It was edgy and it definitely would have made a gorgeous high-fashion advertorial.

But I'm happy for Mondo. His dresses made me happy. His couture look reminded me a little bit of one from a few seasons ago by (crap! He won!!!! I can't remember his name! Laura, Uli,.......) - when they went to Paris and he made his out of different yellow prints. But Mondo's bustle was ah-mazing, and his RTW was perfect.

Our DVR also only does 2 at a time - and Lifetime used to run PR later, so I could skip it and record it later. But this season they're only running it once on Thurs, and you have to wait for Saturday for the encore. My DVR is so full of premiere's right now - waiting for DH to be home to watch with me, and then I find out he already watched them on hulu.

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

Gretchen made the "borders were crossed" comment when she was talking about Michael C choosing the same color as her. But I agree, they tend to take the comments totally out of context in the previews to play up the drama.

Elz said... Best Blogger Tips

gRETCHen does the same design every week: blousy, unflattering, and boring. I do not understand what the judges see. I think her work is limited and poorly executed. Her statement that the high fashion dress was the best thing she's ever made was terrifying. I can only hope she is not in the top 3.

Mondo deserved the win. he is cute as a button and has a great vision. Andy either hits the nail on the head or misses it entirely (like last week).

I didn't think Michael C's dresses were that bad. The Ready to Wear dress was hot. Heidi saying you could do either boobs or legs is hypocritcal since she does boobs and legs ALL THE TIME.

I am so glad Ivy is gone. Her work was generally too flat and espcially limited in her design. The blue dresses were total flops.

Melinda said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay lets see, first of all Gretchen's look wasn't that BAD but it definitely was NOT Couture! I dont understand the judges AT ALL, it sort of makes me crazy. Most of all, I can't believe they laugh at people when they don't like their stuff, its hateful and I don't like it. I loved Andy's stuff, really cool and really flattering! I like Mondo's personality, he's cute. I wish Gretchen would get some sort of negative feedback, its ridiculous. Her ready to wear was so ugly, they liked the slit on the side? For reals?! It looked like a loin cloth flap. Ugly.

I really like "fawndear's" idea as well, that would be super fun, even if it just started with a sketch and putting it together another time or something? Its hard not to think of what you would do for the challenge while you're watching anyway, so it would be fun to actually sit down and do it! :)

fawndear said... Best Blogger Tips

Alas, I don't have Twitter.

As for your marvolous 'Workroom Wednesday' Idea for 'Playing Along' with Project Runway. You could always have a link-up day, where everyone (who participated that week) could post their completed challenge pieces. Then we could all visit each other with compliments.

My only temptaion would be to not turn the television off. I love getting new ideas from some of these designers.

Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

Had to laugh at people's comments. I am a PR addict too thanks to you! I really love it and I actually like less drama over more drama in this show...I like seeing how they decide on fabric, how they do construction, comments that are made about it etc etc. I love your comments about the show...they are right on. :)

Popbabe7 said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the black and white dress from Mondo.

MIchelle said... Best Blogger Tips

They seem to be very into ratings this season. I think they cancelled Models of the Runway because it was competing with PR too much, so they feel like they have to really play up the drama with teasers and editing.

As for the show, I think Michael Corrs says really funny things. When he talked about "the only accessory she could have with that is a wand." I was totally craching up.

And Gretchen acting like she owned that color was ridiculous! She really needs to get over herself!

I was so over Ivy's blah designs and haughty attitude! So I am VERY glad she left. I hope that Valerie can find herself again, and rise to the challenge.

I SO love this show! Thanks for giving me a place to chat about the show!

Laura Beth said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah they create so much drama in the previews - which doesn't exist in the actual episode. Gretchen said some "lines have been crossed" in reference to Michael C's similar color palette - not worth putting in the preview. But I love watching it nonetheless! And I love Mondo.

sjones said... Best Blogger Tips

I think the judges said they liked Gretchen's "Bohemian flair" because it was different than the others.
I personally Can't stand Andy so I'm glad he didn't win.
I love Mondo! he puts on a good fashion show!!!
They said Ivy consistently bit off more than she could chew and I think that's why she went home. I think she should have gone 3 weeks ago, LOL!

Genevieve said... Best Blogger Tips

we have the same dvr problem! (and fringe always get priority too!) thank goodness for being able to watch biggest loser and project runway online!! :) but i agree- gretchen. so done with her boring stuff!! does it seem like no one is really standing out at this point as being the favorite? mondo is my favorite just because of his personality but i don't see anyone as being the strongest... huh...

rhilborn said... Best Blogger Tips

We have the same THursday night DVR line up except for Grey's and It's Always Sunny. I know what you mean:). Thankfully I can se tthe DVR to record another viewing of cable shows that generally re-air so Fringe and NBC take precedent!

Regina said... Best Blogger Tips

Is it bad that I wanted Valerie to go home simply because I'm sick of that pout she does ALL the time?

I'm just SO bored with this season. I wish they'd just send everyone home and start over.

At least it seems a few of them are starting to try. I just wish there was at least one designer who really rocked it so maybe the others would step up and give a little more.

Clarissa said... Best Blogger Tips

This season they seem to be creating a lot of drama in the previews, where there isn't any. I think Mike C could have been safe had he cut the train in half. The length that it was wasn't flattering. I was also shocked to see Gretchen in the top. The looks were wearable and pretty, but not enough. I think sending Ivy home was a good choice. Here's why: she has such lofty goals and never realizes them, she doesn't recognize this and change, and her attitude stinks. Valerie should have gone home too. This would have been a good episode to send home two people, I think.

SewsCute said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to say that Gretchen is not my favorite. She thinks she is the know all and end all of the sewing world. Annoying! I like how Michael had won 2 challenges and they were still trying to throw him under the bus about his sewing abilities. I like Mondo even more for saying that he was wrong about Michael when they worked on that one challenge together. I am also happy that Ivy left. She was mean and I never really liked her designs. I like Valerie. She has a cute fashion sense which I don't think shows up near enough in her designs.

Cuscini said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your posts on this show!

Now I'm going to be mean and grouchy--and really, I'm not usually mean and grouchy, but your know what? I'm sick to death of hearing the Princess of Plain (Gretchen) drone on and one. I H-A-T-E her garments.

I've decided that Gretchen is one of those tall, thin women who design clothing that makes anyone of normal height and with curves look horrible (not good for an Italian donna like me). She reminds me of what I say about J.Jill; "J.Jill is not for curvy girls."

And her nastiness towards the other contestants! Shame. Just shame. On another blog, a man wrote that everyone commenting there disliked Gretchen because she was pretty. Very interesting, but I don't see her as pretty at all, which I think is a true example of the fact that true beauty shines from within. She may indeed be pretty to some, but her "shear" meanness has subjected any outside appeal.

So, okay, enough with my silly rant. Isn't it great that we have a community to talk to this about? I don't know anyone who watches PR!

at dolcecapecod dot

M and E said... Best Blogger Tips

I hated Gretchen's dress! I thought it looked like a bedspread. The back was pretty, but the front was just not cute at all! I think they chose her as their favorite in that very first challenge and have let it skew their opinions.

Dale said... Best Blogger Tips

As to the idea of having a weekly 'Workroom wednesday' or something, that'd be so cool to see. I know that the etsymetal group already does this, but skewing the challenges to relate to making complimentary jewelry following the challenge (as they are a jewelry group). Do so love following what they do and find it elevates the show... would love to read another blog following along doing great work with a great show.

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