Martha Stewart Halloween

September 9, 2010

It's getting to be that time of year again! I just love love love Halloween.

I saw the new Martha Stewart Halloween edition at JoAnn's yesterday. She really embraces the holiday! Christmas and Halloween are their best issues. It has a lot of great ideas for quick no sew Halloween costumes. Although I was a little disappointed that it didn't feature many new costumes. They were mostly ones I've seen before. But it does have a good deal of party decorating and h'orderve ideas. 

Martha looks pretty impressive in her spellbinding sorceress costume on the cover. But I think it's the f/x eyes that really do it.

Lily said she wanted to be Hannah Montana for Halloween. UGH! That's so not me. We don't even watch Hannah Montana, where does she get this stuff?

Look for a Thrift Store Thursday post later day!

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Gabby Malcuit said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Halloween. There was one year in college I celebrated it for two weeks, lol. I've never seen the special Martha Stewart Halloween or Christmas editions. I'll definitely have to check those out. I'm going to JoAnn this week anyway.

Caffeinated Mommy said... Best Blogger Tips

Ugggh! I strongly dislike (I am desperately trying not to hate her, and this is my first attempt at corraling that hatred....I'll keep working on it) Hannah Montana. Sorry moms, I just hope that show if off the air by the time my munchkin gets old enough to like something other than Tom and Jerry and Wonderpets. Good luck with that, by the way =o)

Erica! said... Best Blogger Tips

ooo i want this magazine!!

Erin said... Best Blogger Tips

My reading obsessed 6 year old daughter has finally settled on being Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia. I love it, but do you have any thoughts on making the look unmistakable? (at least for those who know the books, that is).

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Erin - Lucy could be dressed either in 1940's clothes or as princess (she becomes known as Lucy the Valient). The important element is that she carries her magical cordial, this will heal almost all injuries, and her small dagger.

Tanya-Yanata said... Best Blogger Tips

I could not believe my eyes:)) she looks so....hmmm...stunning? photoshoot was a big fun for her, I guess.
anyway, great costume!

Lizzie said... Best Blogger Tips

The Halloween issue is one of my favorites also. Last year I made three of these costumes for 2 nine month olds and one 2 year old.
Oh my gosh! So much cutting! I was cursing at Martha by the end :). They turned out to be so adorable though. I'll have to go pick up a copy of this issue.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I always loved Halloween growing up, but since my husbands religious upbringing didn't "do" Halloween we just pass it as another day...BUT I did by this MS Special Edition, maybe someday my kids will want to celebrate it, and I can use that as an excuess to decorate! :-)

P.S. My 11 yr old NEPHEW was Hannah Montana last year...LOL, it was too funny!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I almost bought the Martha Stewart Halloween--then I decided to get the less elaborate, more doable BHG Halloween.

@Erin, Dress her in 40s fashions with an oversized fake fur coat. Remember, it's snowy in Narnia, so the kids grab fur coats from the back of the wardrobe before the explore.

stephanie joy said... Best Blogger Tips

seriously?! where do they get this hannah montana stuff from?! my daughter kaia (6 years) does the same exact thing. she's never even watched the show. i blame it on going to school last year. and now... of course, my 4 year old daughter is all into hannah montana too. *insert eyeroll here* when will it end? ha ha! glad to hear i'm not the only mom with this issue!

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

I love halloween too! I feel your pain about the Hannah Montana costume, my son would be Darth Vader every year if i let him. I dislike commercialized costumes, they just look so cheap! So for the past 3 years I have been sewing my son's costumes. I let him to pick the pattern, it gives him some sort of ownership over the project and he is always super excited for the finished project.

MJ said... Best Blogger Tips

For me, living in the UK, this mag was a god send. All the best of Martha Stewart in one book that I can keep in the kitchen so I dont spill on the laptop? Great! but then I knew what to expect thanx to your warning :)

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