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Frock by Friday: Wednesday

September 1, 2010

So sorry this is posted so late today. It's been a busy day.

1. Cut the front and back pieces of the bodice at the shoulder to the end of the dart line. Refer to pattern for dart line.Sew front and back pieces together at the shoulder seams, right sides together.

2. Sew front and back pieces together at the shoulder seams, right sides together.
3. Gather the sleeves. To do this sew two parallel lines, back stitch at beginning, not at the end. Hold the bobbin thread on the bottom and push the fabric up the top thread.
4. Pin the gathered fabric to the neckline between the opening, right sides together so that the seam is on the inside.

5. Sew sleeve to neckline.
6. Stitch the front to back at the side seams to the point under the armpit indicated on the pattern.
7. Stitch the sleeve hem. To do this fold the allowance of the sleeve edge to the wrong side of the fabric. You can sew it around OR fold over the edge to the inside of the fold so that you don't have a raw edge.
8. Then make the pleats in the front of the bodice. Refer to the pattern and mark on the bodice where the pleat lines should be. Sew along the lines to the points, right sides together. Press. 

DONE FOR TODAY! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will try to address them.

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jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

well starting sewing along late but will have a huge chunk of time on friday afternoon so was not in a huge hurry to start as was going to do most of it then BUT..... problems...can't get anything from mccalls signed up but no email back from them with the pattern .....waiting, any other way that i can get it or anyone can send a copy to my email? AND.....bought the burda pattern and when i go to print it it acts like it is preparing to print and all but then just gives me one blank page and that is same there i have bought it but am not getting anywhere. wanted to get them cut and ready as to have things lined up to do most of the big sewing on friday afternoon??? i will contact burda now but can anyone send me a copy of the mcalls part??? thanks...hate when things get off to a start like this...thanks!!!!~ jenn

jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

also just wondering are you working on a muslin or just working with a white colored fabric, i always love your fabric choices so much!

Kathleen Frances said... Best Blogger Tips

Please email me and I will try to help you.

Kathleen Frances said... Best Blogger Tips

A=And no, I'm not working with a muslin. I had a hard time find what I wanted this FBF. I just could not find the perfect material so I decided to go simple and clean this time around. We'll see how it turns out.

rhilborn said... Best Blogger Tips

Your finished product is beautiful! I'm running behind. I'm still on Wednesday. I'm confused on the back and front bodice pieces. I read in the pattern instructions and on the pattern pieces that we are to tap pattern piece 1 & 2 together and then cut out, mark, etc... I'm concerned that before I do all the intricate blouse detailing I understand that. I'm re-reading pattern instructions and the pattern pieces before I proceed.

Kathleen Frances said... Best Blogger Tips

Refresh my memory, which ones are pattern pieces 1 and 2. I only know them by bodice front and back.

rhilborn said... Best Blogger Tips


Bodice front is 1 & bodice back is 2. Also, did you ever consider nixing the ruffle-y bottom of the bodice and sewing the the remaining bodice inside the skirt, assuming the skirt had been faced and looked finished?

Kathleen Frances said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmmmm, well, I didn't tape together 1 and 2. I just cut them out separately and then sewed them together so I don't know what they are saying exactly. I would just cut them out as shown in the picture on Monday. Is that what you mean?

rhilborn said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes ma'am. I'll check my pattern pieces again and proceed. Thanks!

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