Sugar or Splenda?

August 23, 2010

 Brian's family only uses Splenda. And I can't stand the stuff. 
But kindly, Brian's mother, Ann, always has a little real sugar for me when we visit.
I thought I'd make her two personalized glass containers to differentiate between the two.
The letters "Ann's Splenda" and "Ann's Sugar" were made with etching cream and my new nifty machine:)

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MeeshOne.Love said... Best Blogger Tips

bleh! splenda is disgusting! it leaves the weirdest after taste in my mouth...and it tastes nothing like sugar...those marketing people are crazy. i've heard there is chlorine in splenda...its made with the same chemical compounds as bleach? ew! there are far better sweeteners out fiance's mother is diabetic and she just turned us on to trehalose...ever heard of it? it works just like sugar and even tastes like sugar...awesome for tea (or coffee) but i didn't have much luck with it in baking. check it out!

Miss Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

very cool! and a great idea :)

marysews said... Best Blogger Tips

Neither. We try our best to avoid chemicals and over-processed foods. We use stevia leaves when steeping our tea leaves. We use raw local honey and fruit to sweeten our steel-cut oats. We make sweet curry with coconut cream, which contains sugar, so we don't do that very often.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Splenda... BAD! There is chlorine added to it, don't use it! Stevia is much healthier, but I prefer plain old sugar too!

Cricut! I want thee!

phalloeun said... Best Blogger Tips

One time I thought that I would trust their commercial that said that you could try splenda in anything that you would use real sugar in...well tried in chocolate chip cookies and gave me stomach problems for days. I then thought that it might have beem something else so i gave it another try. This time I bought the splenda blend that was half real sugar and half splenda, same result. I guess my body is not made to digest these substitutes.

You've got a great mother in law that would go the extra length just for you!

Regina said... Best Blogger Tips

Very nice! I can't stand the stuff either.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh! I bet you used a Silhouette cut the vinyl for that! I love what you did! So cute & such a nice MIL.

Mruna Mistry said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know what splenda is...maybe some kindof of sugar substitute right?!
But i know that's done using the silhouette!

Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Give them Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food." Splenda is gross and weird and fake and fake stuff needs to be out of your diet (most of the time, there's always space for the once a year state fair food).

Of course, I lent to book to my mother in law and she still uses Splenda and buys sugar-free, fat-free ice cream. Sigh, maybe it could work for you better.

Betty Crocker wannabe said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm a sugar kind of girl and I would love to win a Silhouette machine!!

Melissa Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this look. The Sihouette machine looks very neat. :)

Zonnah said... Best Blogger Tips

how adorable!

Kmaxa said... Best Blogger Tips

Is splenda even "real" food? I am a real sugar girl through and through!

My mind is totally abuzz about all the ways I can use this thing!

Love the jars!

Farah said... Best Blogger Tips

Love those jars. Would love that machine...

Julia said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't stand splenda either, it just tastes like aspertane to me. I love this etched glass look though, it would be great fun for labeling the glass jars we use as kitchen canisters.

Wendy said... Best Blogger Tips

The machine is so versatile, I am in love!

Kristen Good said... Best Blogger Tips

I have three mirrors I've been wanting to etch for years now....this would be SO perfect. :)

Sigh. I'm in love. Must start to save up.

kelliemorgan said... Best Blogger Tips

Sugar!!! What about Stevia? I have a lot of things to use that machine on! thanks!

Whitney said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute! I actually don't mind Splenda in some things :)

Samantha said... Best Blogger Tips

I love love etching creme! Too cute!

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

We use sugar at our house, but I have to have some when my parents come to visit...

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love to win a silhouette so I can do glass etching too! :o)

Lauralee said... Best Blogger Tips

I;ve never tried glass etching-but what a great idea! I think I'll have to try it.

Courtney @ Scraps and Scribbles said... Best Blogger Tips

Gimme good 'ole sugar any day!

Nice glass etching ;)

Megan, Peter, and Benjamin said... Best Blogger Tips

That is super cute idea....and to use the awesome Silhouette! What a great idea!!

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