Ghost in the Machine

August 24, 2010

On Sunday night after the girls had gone to bed I was sitting on the sofa and Brian was shaving in the bathroom. He came out and said, "Did you bring the sewing machine down here?" 

"No," I said. 

"I just heard the sewing machine running."

"No you didn't."

"Yes, I did. It sounded just like it does when you're up there sewing."

So I made him go upstairs to check things out because, yeah, I'm still afraid of the dark. Sure enough, the thread in the needleplate was all tangled up and there was an error code on the machine as if someone had been sewing.


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megannielsen said... Best Blogger Tips

hehe I wonder if it was one of the girls being like mommy! said... Best Blogger Tips

That reminds me of when a friend of ours was waving to his wife in the bedroom window,waving back. It wasn't her, she was behind him. They think it was the little elderly lady that used to live there. Spooky
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Hele said... Best Blogger Tips

hummm, your dresses werw too good to be done just by a human, so you got some magical help...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooo, creepy.

Tara said... Best Blogger Tips

Its nice to know that I'm not the only full grown adult that is still afraid of the dark:~)

Johanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, no, why did I read that? My roommate is away for the next two weeks and I am already afraid of the dark normally. Well, after reading this I guess I will be sleeping with the lights on...

The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said... Best Blogger Tips

It was the sweet little dress-maker elves. They have come to help you out. Actually, it sounds like they have come to tangle your thread. I'm voting for one of the girls wanting to sew on the machine and then running for her life when she heard her dad start coming up the stairs.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

I might think that but the girls were asleep downstairs and my craft room is upstairs. You have to pass the living room to get up there so I'm 100% sure it wasn't them.

jane p said... Best Blogger Tips

Here's a suggestion. Don't leave the power cord on when you're not using your machine. That way, the next time it happens you'll know for sure you have a "guest" who wanna sew.

icicle said... Best Blogger Tips

Electronic machines are notorious for this -- just pull the plug when you're not using it.

Kiraph said... Best Blogger Tips


Our coffee machine has gremlins. Sometimes it wakes us up in the early hours of the morning with the pump going and water pouring out. No lights on at all.... we have started turning it off at the power point. It is was pretty creepy the first time it happened!

Caitlin Weaver said... Best Blogger Tips

that is so scary! Let us know if it happens again!

Kelly said... Best Blogger Tips

That is creepy! And I'm afraid of the dark, too! If I have to get something in the house at night, I run back to the bedroom quietly so my husband doesn't think I'm crazy!

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

Totally creepy, I would have had a heart attack. I am totally afraid of the dark too. And creepy nighttime noises. Oy!

Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips

And that is why i have a sewing machine that is as old as I am! None of those fancy electronic machines for me... yet! ;)

{:miss v:} said... Best Blogger Tips

ewwwww!!! I would be so freaking out!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

When I was a teenager my parents had a microwave that had a problem with phantom button presses. Eventually for some reason all the numbers on the touchpad started registering as 6. So, you'd be in another room and hear "beep beep beep" coming from the kitchen. Then when you walked in to see if someone was microwaving something, nobody would be there but the microwave screen would say "666". Not making this up! My parents were cheap enough to keep using it until it broke down for good, so you had to be good at subtracting whatever time you required from 6:66.

dana said... Best Blogger Tips


Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with Tara...good to know we aren't the only full grown adults who are afraid of the dark. Sometimes I even send my kids in first! They are fearless!

Seriously though that is kinda creepy! Especially if you believe in that sort of thing...I wouldn't be one of those people ::looks away inconspicuously::

Love and Hugs,

Kathryn said... Best Blogger Tips

When my machine starts running by itself it generally means I've pushed the foot pedal under the sewing table base when vacuuming!

Monique said... Best Blogger Tips

There are other Mums out there that are afraid of the dark? I thought I was the only one. I think it's actually fear of the unknown... like what's actually lurking in the dark. Kathryn, your story was creepy. The bathroom door with the light on will be open just a little wider tonight. Monique xx

Ady said... Best Blogger Tips


Jo said... Best Blogger Tips

spooky! and isidore's story is super creepy too!

Jessi said... Best Blogger Tips

Way too creepy! Just got chills!!

Sam said... Best Blogger Tips

I would totally freak out, then use that incident as justification to buy a new sewing machine. :)

Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Naw, it's not spirits, it's ghost in the shell (you meant that reference, right?). Your sewing machine is becoming sentient.

I, for one, bow down to our new stylish machine overlords. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips
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Ginger said... Best Blogger Tips

Creepy! At my house it is usually my daughters toys that start going off by themselves. I try not to let it creep me out.

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

Could your house be haunted? Either that or the Sewing Fairy wanted you to get back to work. ;)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Maybe it was a mouse running across the pedal. My husband's grandparents had problem once with small items suddenly disappearing in their kitchen. Creepy, until they found out it was mice.

mommy Orkid Belle said... Best Blogger Tips

I would be freaking scared too! I had an encounter with my sewing machine when all of a sudden I had no control over it and it just kept going and going without me using it. At that time I was thinking of my grandma who passed away 2 years ago and there went my sewing machine sewing on its own. Weird things happen to me too.

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