The Wine Line

June 9, 2010

Yesterday, my friend Cheila came over to visit. Our goal, tee shirts!
She had a clever idea for a couple of tees we call the "Wine Line".

So I went to the Salvation Army and bought a bunch of soft vintage tees for about a buck a piece.
We spent the afternoon talking about traveling and ghosts, eating pretzel sandwiches, squegeeing 
and cleaning up after babies (ie Molly pooped her pants).
And stay tuned for another giveaway later this afternoon!

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stephanie joy said... Best Blogger Tips

i need to know... what are pretzel sandwiches?!

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Clever. =)

I'm never able to find plain-jane t's at my Salvation Army... do you have a secret on finding them?

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said... Best Blogger Tips

you are making it very hard to not get one of those machines!
these shirts are brilliant~

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are fantastic! I do not know *how* you found that many plain t-shirts in such awesome colors, but I must have your secret!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm new to your blog, so what kind of wonderful machine is that? Also I love the design! Oh and also seconded on the plane t-shirts at thrift stores, what's your secret?

Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok, love the "Wine Line", I so know someone that would be perfect for one of them.

The Cheap Chic Momma said... Best Blogger Tips

So cool! I love the box-o-wine concept! I totally need to rock one of these!

Abi said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you repurposed tees from the thrift store. The only thing better would have been using obtanium. Oh how I love obtanium.

Karin said... Best Blogger Tips

I love them, and I agree with Katie, you must have an fabulous skill in finding tees at goodwill :-)

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Do you have an Etsy? Are you going to sell these?! I pretty much NEED one. My sister and I are always touting the 'the box is four bottles of wine so it's a bargin' schpeal to our respective other halves. Ha!

Yet another thing you've made that I wish I thought of first! You're fabulous :)

SarahBethHaag at gmail dot com

Rhonda @ home.made. said... Best Blogger Tips

I am loving these as well! Box wine?? Perfect! And I'm with everyone else... you're making me want to have a silk screen!

Cheilita said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha! I just now saw this post. Yeah, i'm pretty much loving the wine line. cork screw next eh? hugs!

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