Bags of Love

June 1, 2010

June is a hectic month for me in terms of celebrations. I have father's day, my dad's birthday, Molly's birthday, and don't even get me started about July.

Bags of Love is just the coolest site for buying your sister, mother or friend a gift that not only looks fashionable but sentimental. Everything is custom made to order from their London premises from quality materials and to the highest standards.

I could really see myself wandering the airport with one of these around my shoulder.
Bags of Love also specializes in over 150 of gift ideas that make great personalised gifts, birthday gifts and anniversary gifts ideas. I thought the roller shade idea was really cool! I've never seen that before!

Take a look. And of course, all their products are made with love...

7 {comments}:

Pretty Zesty said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute idea!

Rebecca Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are the cutest things ever! Thanks for telling us about them!

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute indeed. That roller shade would also be a fun item in a guest bathroom with a funny haven't had your coffee yet picture!

Jo said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are cute! By the way, thanks for reminding me that fathers' day is coming up! I need to get moving on my idea for that. it might already be too late.

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

These are great! There's a local company here in Seattle that does similar things, called Laura Bee Designs (, but I don't think they have the selection that Bags of Love does. Still, nice to support the local businesses. Great blog!

kristiyana shinta said... Best Blogger Tips

print bags :)
so funny :)
love them


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the idea! My mother-in-law definitely needs one of these for her birthday this year.

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