Milk and Honey Handbags

May 3, 2010

Milk and Honey sounds so sweet. Quite fitting for the sweet little clutches Amanda Baker sells on Milk and Honey Handbags.

Each bag is handmade individually with care. Every piece is designed and crafted by Amanda from start to finish. Perfect to stash cash, store make-up, or hold your iPod.
Amanda resides in a small western Maryland town. She taught herself how to sew when she was 14. She
loved creating bags for herself and friends and had dreams of selling handmade handbags, but didnt know how she could make that possible. When she found Etsy online she felt like it was meant to be- so she created Milk
and Honey Handbags

She is inspired by nature, photographs, and fabrics. She loves twill, corduroy, plaid, houndstooth, and (obviously) grosgrain ribbon.

For more Milk and Honey inspiraton check out Amanda's blog:

2 {comments}:

Tasha said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are so cute! I really like the bottom left with the red ribbon. I can think of more than one purpose they would be good for too.

kristiyana shinta said... Best Blogger Tips

where can i buy it? so nice :)

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