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Total Shoe ReDo Week

April 29, 2010

Next week I have another 5-Day event planned in addition to my regular content. I hope you will enjoy.

I'm calling it "Total Shoe ReDo". If you have any old shoes (preferably flats) that are too wrinkled, outdated, or just plain ugly, come by Grosgrain next week to find simple ways to salvage your shoes.

I'll show you how to recover, paint and embellish some tired old flats. Instead of throwing them in the trash, make them your newest closet darlings that perfectly match your favorite outfit!

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8 {comments}:

erin schlegel said... Best Blogger Tips

ooh, i'm excited about this, i have multiple pairs of flats i can re do :]

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea! I'm excited to see your transformations. :)

K said... Best Blogger Tips

OOooo, I love altering shoes, shall be looking forward to seeing what you do :)

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said... Best Blogger Tips

SOooo ready to alter shoes! I´m on a roll! I really want to post your "shoe button" on my blog but I don´t know how! (I´m used to seeing all those weird little letters beneath a button, that I just copy and paste) help!

Cook Clean Craft said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not sure I'm ready to add shoe mods to my craft repertoire, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

KelsyC said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this idea! I have already had so much fun with it!

KelsyC said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this idea! I have already had so much fun with it!

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this idea... I have a couple of boring black flats which are sooo comfy, but I just don't wear that much black clothing, so this is perfect.
Green shoes here we come ;)

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