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April 24, 2010

Good Morning Saturday. I love the weekend. Saturdays just seem sunnier, even when it's raining. Some good flickr pics to choose from. I'm really loving the upcycled dress design on the right. Thinking about refashioning something into one of these. Looks so much like this Modcloth dress. I think it would be fairly simple.

Dress to left--------------------------Crochetie
Top Middle Shoes ----------------Snickerdoodle
Center Dress ------------------------Brown Paper Packages
Bottom Middle Skirt ---------------AmyMomof6
Dress to right -----------------------Things I've Made

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Leisel said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you again for including my picture! I LOVE seeing the fabulous things others have made-- so much inspiration!

Brown Paper Packages

Leisel said... Best Blogger Tips

I just checked the link on the pictures and it looks like a couple of them are not quite right. Mine is and one other one I can't get to link to anything. Just thought you should know! Thanks again!

brown paper packages

Fashionable Affair said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are all adorable. Fabulous. I love!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh so sorry about that. I think it was because I copied and pasted the one from last week and then changed them as I went.

I just fixed them. They should be correct now.

Miranda @ Howdy Stranger said... Best Blogger Tips

Those red booties are gorgeous!!!

Steve bermanson said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the dress.. to the right Fantastic....!

A and a said... Best Blogger Tips

AHHHH! =) thanks for posting my upcycled dress again! i had so much fun making a series of these dresses for my daughter. i'll bet yours will turn out 200% times cuter, i love love love your stuff.

Ophelia.K said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for featuring my Bonsai Dress. I am very glad and I have now many new readers came from your blog:)

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