March 16, 2010

I think you all know how I feel about flirty aprons. I love the idea of looking pretty while caked in flour and batter. If you've longed for one of these as I have take a look at today's guest giveaway Flirty Aprons!

I love their use of pattern and color. Check out my favorite apron to left. Their aprons are totally affordable and their site is easy to use and completely professional.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a Flirty Apron of their choice. Their aprons are perfect to help woman accomplish her daily activities while keeping her clothes clean, maintaining her style, and feeling beautiful. Whether you love their vintage apron designs, their classic sexy aprons in pink or their floral patterned feminine aprons they know you'll find something you love.

And just because you're not a woman doesn't mean you can't sport an apron! Check out their mens, and childrens aprons.

Flirty Aprons was founded by two married couples: Joseph and Heather Hansen, and Spencer and Jamie Taylor. When the owners initially met they discovered they each had a strong passion for business. They knew that their partnership would be enriched with a variety of skills that would allow them to create a successful and enjoyable business.

Heather Hansen grew up in Provo, Utah for most of her life. Spending five years in the modeling industry, Heather quickly gained a love for fashion and design. Shortly after leaving the fashion industry, Heather started her college career at Brigham Young University. Her education in Marriage Development helped her realize that she truly loved to work with people. Heather met and married her loving husband Joseph Hansen in 2006. With her degree from BYU, her love for fashion and her love for people, and with the support of her husband, Heather started her adventure with Flirty Aprons. As the Chief Marketing Officer, Heather has the opportunity to create and oversee much of the company's apron designs and fabrics. Heather is always looking forward to working on the company's advances in advertising and loves to bring quality customer service to all those she comes in contact with.

Joseph Hansen was born and raised in Colorado. He attended Brigham Young University and earned a bachelor's of science in Exercise Science. Joe's past schooling and business experience include areas such as accounting, marketing, statistics, entrepreneurship, and communications. He believes that small businesses should be a force for good in the community by creating good opportunities for the owners, the employees, and the consumers. As the Chief Executive Officer, he has the opportunity to oversee the marketing, operations, and finances of the business.

His vision for Flirty Aprons includes fostering a workforce that is highly competent and generously rewarded for their hard work and innovation. This vision ultimately gives Flirty Aprons the ability to deliver a high quality product to women everywhere that helps them to find better self-expression and greater excitement in their day-to-day activities.

Jamie Taylor grew up in Porterville, California and moved to Utah in 1997 to go to college at Brigham Young University. After switching majors three times, she found her passion in studying the behaviors of people. She received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2003. Shortly thereafter, she met and married Spencer Taylor. They currently have one child. Jamie uses her talents of interacting with people, creating designs, and solving problems by serving as the company's Chief Operations Officer. Among other responsibilities, Jamie oversees the production of Flirty Apron's products and designs apron patterns.

Spencer Taylor is native to Salt Lake City, Utah. After graduating from high school in 2001, he donated two years of service as a missionary and teacher in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He regards his time with the people of Brazil as precious and educational. There he learned and grew much, gaining a profound respect for the liberties that Americans enjoy. He returned and began studying at Brigham Young University.

He met his true love Jamie in 2004, and they were married in the spring of the following year. After a lot searching and study, he found an academic passion in the field of economics. He was awarded a BA in Economics in December of 2007. Currently serving as the Executive Vice President, Spencer enjoys playing an active role in shaping and guiding the company as it seeks to re-think what a business can be in today's society.

The owners of Flirty Aprons have loved working together in this exciting business, and they want each customer to know how much they are appreciated for making this happen. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by visiting the Contact Us page.

Giveaways can be entered in three ways:

1) By linking (to your blog, facebook, myspace, or any other site)

2) By leaving a comment without a link or

3) By linking and leaving a comment (this will be worth 2 entries which will better your chances of winning). Find more info under the FAQ page.

If you are leaving a link just use the 'create a link' at the bottom of this post or simply creating a post on your blog and including this link.If you use blogger just use the "create a link" link at the bottom of this post. If you don't use blogger, that's fine too. Just create a link on your page as you normally would and I will see it using Technorati.

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Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful aprons! I would LOVE to own one of these.

barefootandpoignant said... Best Blogger Tips

I have been trying for months to win one on these. Maybe my name will be drawn this time. Woohoo! I would choose the Cherry Blossom Flirty Apron. Thanks!

Sabrina said... Best Blogger Tips

I only see 2 problems with this giveaway... choosing just one apron and the funny looks I'd get when I wore it to work at my office!!!

One Fish said... Best Blogger Tips

I need a flirty apron!

wilderlamb said... Best Blogger Tips

I love wearing aprons when I cook and these are adorable!

Jana and Mario said... Best Blogger Tips

I sooooooo want one of these!!!

Kaleidoscope Eyes 8 said... Best Blogger Tips

So freaking cute! I shared this on my reader!

pneuwarum said... Best Blogger Tips

Winning this would get me out of sewing one for my sister...the one I promised at...Christmas. ;)

pneuwarum (at) gmail (dot) com

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I must have one of those aprons!!!! They are gorgeous!!!!

Il cucito per ME said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these Aprons!
Very beatiful.. so cute!
Thanks for the giveaway
Il cucito per ME

Shelly said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your site...fell in love with your aprons...recently purchased a book all about mother wore aprons and I try...would love to have one of yours...Shelly

Bunny B said... Best Blogger Tips

I wanna win! Thanks :)

Kristi said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these Aprons

Kara said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw these in the provo mall when we were on holidays and thought they were so cute..we should have bought one.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Those aprons are positively awesome!! Oh wow!

Frikadel said... Best Blogger Tips

I realyy like the cupcakes one

bjklassen said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these Aprons!!!!!

Lori Killian said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't even cook but I will start if I have something cute to where while I cook.

lorikillian (at) gmail (dot) com

Lori Killian said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't even cook but I will start if I win one of these.

lorikillian (at) gmail (dot) com

Clara said... Best Blogger Tips

These are among the most adorable aprons I've ever seen. Gorgeous patterns. I can see myself in all of them!


cboza at vna1 dot com

Paula said... Best Blogger Tips

the last one is so adorable! i'd love that one! thanks for the giveaway!
i haven't seen the end date for participating so I hope still I'm able to participate!

The Ranson Family said... Best Blogger Tips

They are so cute. I would love to have one.

Helen said... Best Blogger Tips

erry apron, although they're all gorgeous.

Barbara Palermo said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute! I love the lemon lime apron.
I created a link also:

Thanks for the giveaway!

ricettebarbare at gmail dot com

MarmaladeRose said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely aprons, especially the lemon and the cupcake ones.

Lauralei said... Best Blogger Tips

These are so cute!

Barbara Palermo said... Best Blogger Tips

So beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway! I blogged about this:
ricettebarbare at gmail dot com

SM said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh what a beautiful aprons! I love the first one, white, red and black...very nice! Thanks for the giveaway!

Ashley W. said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the Scalloped Sassy Red!

Melissa M. said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute! I like the black and white one, but all are nice.

Beeshebags said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, I've popped a link up to this on my blog. I love the brown apron...looks stunning. Hugs Naomi

Janet said... Best Blogger Tips

These are too pretty to wear!!! But I would if I won.

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love to have one of these aprons they are so cute.

antmee said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope I'm not too late! These aprons are gorgeous! Sexy! My hubby would like to win one for me! lol

Melissa ;-) said... Best Blogger Tips

I just love that cocoa lime apron! It matches my decor!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

me gusta mucho,es precioso.

Jinii said... Best Blogger Tips

Maybe if I had this I would cook more...maybe not!

I am linked.

Uma said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow!cute aprons;wish i could win 1!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love these aprons, so cute and flirty :)

Alyssa McVey said... Best Blogger Tips

I have wanted one of these for so long! The Cherry Blossom apron has always been my favorite. I linked. I hope I win!

Lydia said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd love to enter! My name is Lydia, and my blog (though I didn't make a post about the giveaway) can be found by clicking on my name. They are so pretty! :D

stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love to win the cupcake apron!

Mandy @ Ponderings of a Simple Heart said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh how could you choose just one of those! I love the cherries and lemon aprons. SEW ;) Cute! Cooking would be so much more fun in those.
I have a post of links to your site because it's easier to have them all in one spot :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the one with little cupcakes mmm delicious!

Jo said... Best Blogger Tips

What cute aprons! I've been thinking that I need a new apron now that my kitchen is no longer turquoise.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are beautiful!

timsarmywifey said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute! Love the polka dot and the lemon one on here...

Melanie Eccles said... Best Blogger Tips

I think I'm supposed to leave another comment with my twitter:

Melanie Eccles said... Best Blogger Tips

I would LOVE to win!

Debbie Bauer said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my - the flirty apron is sooo cute!It would make such a great gift for my daughter or daughter-in-law.Dbbie

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the aprons! enter me in the giveaway! and here's a link to my blog post about this:

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