Today is the day.

January 21, 2010

As you are reading this I am probably in surgery hoping everything goes okay. I have been very nervous about this birth. With my last pregnancy, the anaesthesiologist punctured my spinal fluid when doing my epidural. I did not find this out until I began to get a terrible headache days later that could not be dulled by any of the strong pain medication I was taking. It wasn't until I was about to be discharged that I was told about the puncture and that my headache was caused by a leaking in my spine of the fluid surrounding my brain causing my brain to sag. Gross. I've read that this happens in about 1% of epidurals.

I also had to have a blood transfusion because I became dangerously anemic and throughout the six days we spent there, none of the physicians could find a vein out of the 200 or so times I was poked and prodded. I left the hospital quite sore and black and blue from head to back.

So now I am a little leery about routine hospital procedures and I'm about to have a gazillon done to me today. I'm so nervous. Especially for the epidural which I never particularly looked forward to.

It's strange knowing the exact day, almost hour, that you are going to have a baby. I don't think I particularly like knowing. I like the anticipation and surprise of rushing to the hospital. However, I am now SOO uncomfortable that having a definite end date has become a welcome blessing. Read my TumTum Tree post on Pica.

I have a few more posts scheduled while I am in the hospital so please come back again later for more sewing and fashion fun. But until I can get back to a computer I will not be able to post anything about the baby or approve comments so please don't be offended if your comment doesn't post until next week. Hopefully Sunday or Monday we will be back home.

Wish us luck.

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Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

How exciting! I'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish you a safe delivery and it will be much better than the last one.

Look forward to seeing pixs you and the lil one.

have fun. lol

Jessie said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations! I hope that you have a smooth surgery and I just can't wait to meet the new babe :) Take care mama!

Marlena said... Best Blogger Tips

Ditto on all the hospital stuff. It sounds a lot like me. The second time C-section was a lot less traumatic. Good luck to you. You will see your baby very soon. Congratulations.

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

Saying a prayer for you and your family today!

Hope your recovery goes well...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Succes! Good Luck! and lots of happiness you and your (extending) family!

xx K (Netherlands)

Lauren A. Petersen said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck hun!! I had the exact problem with my epidural too, but the docs all told me it was normal?! I tell everyone I don't remember ANY pain from the C-section because of my spinal headaches.

Hoping this time is different, better for you!!! Can't wait to see the newest model! ;D

June said... Best Blogger Tips

Thinking of you and rooting for an easy surgery and recovery. Best wishes, congrats to the whole family! Can't wait to see new baby pics, when you have a chance.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope today goes really well for you...can't wait to meet your precious little one. :)

My Trendy Tykes said... Best Blogger Tips

Wishing you luck and a big CONGRATS!!!

Myrnie said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck!! We'll be thinking of you.

Dana said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm thinking of you today and hoping for only good things! I hope all goes well and you are able to come home with no or little to no black and blue marks..oh and the terrible headache...none of that either! So excited to see your new addition!! :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I'll be thinking of you today! I hope all the routine things go as routines are supposed to go and I hope you have a quick recovery! Enjoy your new little bitty!

Esther said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck and hope everything goes smoothly this time and by the time you look at this you have a wonderful healthy baby and are well on your way to recovery yourself.

Elle said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow... today is the day, congratulations! and hang in there, as awful as it might be, you'll still have your beautiful baby at the end of all of it! (and hopefully no more pregnancy pains :))

Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

YAY!!! Happy Birthday Baby!!

happyfamily said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck! I had my second c-section 9 months ago, and it was no picnic. But, it's so rewarding having the little baby. I hope that your recovery is ultra speedy this time around. You can do it!

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

Keeping you in my thoughts! Good luck!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Luck! :) So many things to worry about when having a baby-- I'm sure it will be a better experience this time!

Jeni said... Best Blogger Tips

I had the same problem with my epidural. Oh, the headaches. Mine lasted two weeks. I'm so sorry. Especially with your first baby. Mine was with my third.

Tell the docs and nurses what happened to you last time and they will be more aware and more cautious this time (I know, you're thinking, "Shouldn't they be cautious ANYWAY?" Unfortunately medical professionals tend to get comfortable with what they do every day and get a little relaxed. I can say this because I have worked in hospitals and clinics my entire adult life and have been through three births.) But the odds are that this one will be better! I hope you have a wonderful experience. Every birth should be.

On a side note, your blog is so inspiring. I've had it on my google reader for over a year now. I've been sewing for my daughter and myself for about 10 years but have never risen above novice. Your ideas and creativity inspire me.

Goosegirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I am praying for you to have a safe and healthy delivery with no complications. I can't wait to see pics of you holding your new little one.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

praying for you and your new baby!

Melanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Here's to hoping for a smooth birth. My daughter's birth was rough too, so I know the feeling of dread there. Crossing my fingers that you'll be blessed with an easy time and healthy baby

Rebecca Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way. You surely deserve a smoother birthing process this time around!
Can't wait to see your precious bundle of sweetness!

ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Good Luck with everything that you have going on today! I hope that it all goes well, and we are keeping you in our prayers!

Unused Account said... Best Blogger Tips

Today a miracle enters the world!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG I wish you the best!

The K Family said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck! Can't wait to see pics of the new one!

Kayla Rochelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck!! and Happy Birthday baby!!

julia said... Best Blogger Tips

Best wishes!!! I had two scheduled c-sections. They weren't too bad.

Cami said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope everything goes well for you and the baby. I will keep you in my prayers :)

Sam said... Best Blogger Tips

My thoughts are with you. Good Luck!

Brooke said... Best Blogger Tips

Good Luck! I will be praying for you.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck....I had a spinal headache from an epidural once and it is torture. Thankfully, I have two epidurals since and no problem.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations and I am sure that everything has worked out fine for you.

Sarah O. said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck and congrats on your new baby!

Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

Can't wait for the little baby

S.L.P said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish you all the best with your C-section. I hope you have a healthy baby and NO complications!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the little one!

Rose and Ivy said... Best Blogger Tips

Good Luck!!!!! I'll be thinking of you xox

Tyjana said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck!!

Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

lots of blessings & love to you & your soon to be born darling!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope it all goes perfect this time around! You are in my prayers today....Can't wait to see pictures of your new beautiful one!

gwensews said... Best Blogger Tips

I am wishing you both all the luck that there is in this world. And of course, let us know when you are home and up to letting us know. Until them, best wishes and prayers your way.

Kylie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hugs - hope everyting went well.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said... Best Blogger Tips

All the best, super exciting!! I had 4 children with different epidurals each time, administered differenty by different anaesthetists (that's what we call them in Australia) & each one was fine, taped up my back, i could walk, shower, bend & stretch, i was lucky!! Also nice & relaxed & delivered them all different ways, forceps, normal, breech (second twin) then normal.
Wishing you a different experience this time with a beautiful baby as the result. Love Posie

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said... Best Blogger Tips

Prayers of perfect health for you and your little one going out now!
Be Well.

Diane... said... Best Blogger Tips

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU CUTE GIRL !!! My daughter will be having her 2nd C- section mid May when she will deliver her 2 baby, another girl---> "YEAH!" says this grandma!!! I just want to THANK YOU for all of your creative postings as you have motivated even me to try some new things!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!

christine said... Best Blogger Tips

I've never commented before, but best of luck to you and your family. Thinking about you and wishing you all the best. Soon, you will be home with one of your best creations to date :)

Jessica :) said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope everything went well today & there were no problems! Good luck!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck! Hope things are going well and looking forward to seeing cute baby pics!

Brittanie Jones said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck!

Gene said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you and your baby are doing fine. Praying for your safety.

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

That happened to me with my first baby. I am so scared it will happen again. It was the most aweful experience and negatively affected me and the baby for several weeks after the birth. Good Luck to you! I hope everything goes well.

Kristy Chan said... Best Blogger Tips

oh good luck,it sounds like you've had a horrid experience in the past so I wish you the best. Good thing the little blighters are worth all the pain

Sarah-Jo said... Best Blogger Tips

Good Luck Kathleen!
My sis had her baby almost 3 weeks ago (c-section) and everything went smoothly so I hope it goes the same for you



Kris Burke McDavid said... Best Blogger Tips

Good Luck!!!!

Anja said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck!

Beautiful Handmade said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, good luck! I had what you had before, a "wet tap". The epidural dr. said "oops" when he was doing my epidural!!! Did you end up having the blood patch done? That was painful too!

Surely it won't happen again. I had another baby after that and got the epidural again and everything went fine. Good luck again!

Kelly Casanova said... Best Blogger Tips

wishing you all the best, I hope you have a better experience than last time.

UmmaThreads~ Crafty Squirrel said... Best Blogger Tips

I say the craziest stuff sometimes - don't post that last comment. I do hope everything goes well. And, never fear some *cough* crazy *cough* people love the hospital (like my sister). She has 5 children and loves the hospital so much she calls it 'the hotel'. And, says it's even better than a hotel because people serve you food and they check up on you to see if you need anything - plus she gets a 'vaction' from house chores. Like I said crazy, lol.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck! I am sure everything will be okay. Like others have said, mention it to the anesthesiologist or CRNA who does it this go round and hopefully they'll do a better job.

Twiggles and Trunks said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my! congrats on your new babe.

i winced when i read about your spinal headache. same thing happened with my VBAC. on day 3 i needed a blood patch to 'plug the hole' in my spin. so much more tramatic then the emergency c-section with my first daughter. hope you're healing quickly.

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