Winter Stroller Cover Tutorial

December 20, 2009

Maybe it's because I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy and it's Christmas but I've been looking all over the web for baby related accessories that I don't already have. I came across this neat instructables tutorial from user Miclavcic for a winter buggy bag.

I'm always struggling with tucking the blankets into any available crevices. And if one happens to pop out and become wedged in the tire you either have a huge hole or disgusting scuff mark on your baby's blankie (or as Molly calls it....giggy).

This would solve that dilemma.

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Tracey said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing this! I have been trying to tuck in blankets when we hike down to the bus stop, but my little lady just kicks them off!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for sharing. This is a great idea which I have linked and also noted for my post Christmas sewing for grandbaby. ~Kelly

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