GROSGRAIN'S Holiday Scrap Spending $50 Gift Card Contest!!!! CLOSED.

December 14, 2009

As you may have noticed I've been posting a lot more outside tutorials lately. I have just found so many wonderful, easy instructions for some of the most simple things- a wreath, a pair of shoes, a hair tye. You name it someone has a tutorial for it. I'm quite serious.

This time of year is the perfect time to sift through these thousands of tutorials and choose some to use for holiday gift giving. As you might have noticed I tend to prefer the kind that don't require spending a lot of money. I especially like the kind that use materials you already scraps.

I tell my friends...."Spend less money, spend more scraps".

So, in the spirit of gift giving and sewing I want to present a fun opportunity. Capitalize on all those loose odds and ends around your house and possibly win a $50 gift card to JoAnn's Fabric.

If you have a fabulous homemade gift that you created using at least 50% of materials you already own post it to the Grosgrain flickr group by January 1st. The winner will be chosen by me....and probably Brian:) And will be announced on.... ....January 3rd.

Please post a tutorial on your blog and leave your blog link in the comment of your flickr photo (or photos). A full tutorial is best but you don't have to include pictures or many details. At least say a few things so others can know how you made your wonderful work!

I may also be posting the various flickr tutorials that catch my eye, periodically on the site.

Anything from a wallet to a skirt, from a wreath to a pillow. As long as it can be given as a gift and mostly uses items that you already had it qualifies.

I'm literally giddy to see what you will post! Good luck!

{photo via flickr user philistine made}

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Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay, this isn't so much a tutorial, but it was made of 100% recycled t-shirts. I used a pattern (by lilblueboo), so maybe that disqualifies me? I hope not!

Kristin said... Best Blogger Tips

can I send a link, I am not on flicker

I have others too....but they are to photographed. I love making Christmas presents. I made dresses for four of my neices this Christmas also.

nope said... Best Blogger Tips

i just added my photos. here is the link to my nesting doll tutorial. i think the only parts that aren't scraps are the embroidery floss, and interfacing.

Rasmussen Family said... Best Blogger Tips

I just posted pics of the cute hair accessories in the I need a tutorial for how to make them to qualify for the gift certificate??

Rasmussen Family said... Best Blogger Tips

Here is my flower headband tutorials from Beleza Designs

alba said... Best Blogger Tips

I am not on flikr, but anyway I would like to share my tutorial on "How to make a crochetted flower".
Hope you will enjoy it!

This is the link to my tutorial:
How to make a Crochetted Flower

happy said... Best Blogger Tips

I leave the picture on flickr and the tutorial in it's description. Is that Ok?!

q-bella said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay here is my post...
It is my secound post ever on my blog, and so now I'll try to go to flickr. Thanks Shauna

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