Romantic Accessories

November 19, 2009

If you happen to be attending a woodland wedding anytime soon you need to check out this lovely headband tutorial at Project Wedding. Photos courtesy of A Fields Journal.

I'd love to see something like this up on etsy.

What do you think would look best with this piece? A coral pink sateen A-Line Party Dress? A sleeveless moss green velvet pencil skirted dress that comes down to the knees?

I think we need more romantic accessories in mainstream fashion!
Like this.
Or this.
Ooo this.
Maybe this?
Gotta love this!!

2 {comments}:

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

So pretty! I would make this for my little girl for sure because she can get away with more whimsical things on the every day than I feel I can :) I say the coral dress to go with it. I love that color!

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous links - so pretty. I am loving all these fun things you are finding - so awesome!

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