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November 1, 2009

Once I took a look at The Pajama Squid I was in mommy heaven. Tiffany carries the most charming, most clever collection of child-related merchandise I've ever seen. My only problem was choosing which fabulous photographs to include in this post.

Just look at this Lucie Pinaforte Olive Dress, so lovely I wish they had a mommy size to match!

The Pajama Squid is a children's store that carries a wide variety of quality toys, clothing and books. The unique handmade wooden and plush toys from the US, France and the Netherlands will encourage your child's imagination with their exaggerated features and colors.

They also have a social responsibility, in that several of the brands benefit mothers and children overseas in countries such as India and Morocco.

Whether it be children's literature classics or fresh new titles, The Pajama Squid has all the books that a child or parent could want.

The clothes not only have vibrant patterns and colors to choose from, but are mostly made of natural and eco-friendly material that is soft on the skin, and wearable for all occasions.

These little shoes are to die for! I'd love to have a pair of them on hand for one of my photo shoots.

Tiffany, the creative mind behind The Pajama Squid, was born in Nairobi, Kenya to missionary parents many years ago. She studied Photography, English Literature and Documentary Film in college.

She is married to her husband, Andrew, who is a video editor/producer for a non-profit organization called Adventist Mission. They are each other’s biggest fans, which can resort to laughing to themselves over their own really bad jokes.

Tiffany’s dream of owning her own children’s store came from her love of children’s literature, which began when she was just a little girl, and her mother gave her a copy of "The Little Prince". She fell deeply in love and has never stopped searching through piles and piles of children’s books to find others that spoke to her the same way, or in a different way.

She has quite a collection of children’s books by now, and can usually be seen in the children’s section of bookstores sitting on a chair that is too small for her. After her many years in retail as a sales associate and a manager, she realized how much she would love to pursue her own store, and not only carry children’s books, but all kinds of children’s products that spoke to the imagination and beckoned you to dream the way the books could.

The name “The Pajama Squid” came to Tiffany about 5 years ago when she was watching a documentary about Squids on PBS. A tiny blip about a Squid called “The Pajama Squid” came on the screen, and she watched as these funny little creatures danced together while wearing black and white stripes on the ocean floor and knew this would be the name of her store.

To her it was a perfect name for a children’s store. So she held on to this name through college, through countless jobs, through her marriage to her husband on October 2006 and so on, until she decided in December 2007, it was time to open her own store and throw her pounding fear aside.

If you are in Maryland, please stop by and see them! Shop online now, more products added daily!

And for all the up-to-date news and Pajama Squid inspiration check out Tiffany's blog, Sincerely Squid.

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

clicking over there right now. What a cute name, and those little boots are to die for!

Devon of STELLAandHODGE said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE that dress! The colors and print are gorgeous.

asheisele said... Best Blogger Tips

Love love LOVE the Pajama Squid and Tiffany! Thanks for writing about them.

selahestelle said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks a lot for this link! Now I have about a million things to add to my Christmas wish list!

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