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November 21, 2009

This weekend I plan on relaxing. Plan, is such a feeble word. It means nothing when you have a messy house, two small children and a 6 meals to make.

But yes, I plan on taking it easy. I'd really like to see a movie. As you might have heard, I'm a huge sci-fi nerd. Thus, I'd probably go see "New Moon." Although, surprisingly I'm not terribly into that particular vampire series. But I did see the first movie and liked it. I heard the second is getting poor critic reviews. That's enough to turn Brian off and therefore we probably won't be going to the movies.

I could follow in Jessica's footsteps, and make gingerbread cookies. Isn't this ADORABLE! The shirt is cute too:P I could totally see Molly wearing this to Thanksgiving dinner.

Speaking of Thanksgiving dinner. I have no idea where we are having ours. Brian's parent's house? Definitely not here. I'm so not prepared. Plus, I'm super tired.

I think we'll probably have it there and I'll bring something good like Tiramisu. Mmmm, tiramisu and coffee. I'm there!

I just had to include this little post-Halloween goodie from Raegun. Her little one did not want to wear the beard. But it was such a cute idea, don'tcha think? Sounds like something Molly would reject too.

Well, I'm off to start breakfast. Mini pancakes and bananas for Molly. I'm having some Christmas nut roll. I love holiday food!

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I think you should make some gingerbread cookies ;) Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!

Lauren Wayne said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh. my goodness, could those kids be more adorable, and love the beard! It wouldn't stay on my son, either. He wouldn't even let me keep on a bubble beard in the hot tub at the pool last night! :)

I voted for your dress and told everyone else to, too! Fingers & toes crossed!!

Till then, hope you get your relaxing in!

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