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June 20, 2009

I know I missed a Saturday last week. Shame on me! I'm sorry. I wasn't feeling very well and the house was messy. Whenever I those two combine the fallout is devestating.

But it looks like Grosgrain's flickr users have been busy and productive! Look at this sweet little top by An Art Nest. I love the little collar detail. If you look close it sticks up from the shirt. And the big red buttons are the perfect touch.

Take a look at liliashp's little lemonade dress.

I have my mind set to try a smocking project. I'm just waiting for the right one to come along.

This little yellow picnic patterned dress is perfect for summer!

I just had to post ohsohappytogether's adorable peak-a-boo frock! I fell head over heals for the play of patterns. The little head scarf was the perfect touch! Why can't they sell stuff like this in stores?!

As for me, I have a big weekend ahead of me. Molly's "official" second birthday was yesterday and we are having a small party for her on Monday. Just family, no big show. But I am so far behind. I'm hoping it will magically come together in the end.

I had envisioned making matching frocks for my girls to match a theme but I don't know if I will be able to do everything in time. You know how last minute things go.

The weather also sucks! It's the summer solstice and everything is cold, wet and grey. Not very inspiring:(

Fortunately I have my Grosgrain flickr group for some inspiration;)

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Susannah @ art nest said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun surprise to see Bella on Grosgrain this morning - it makes me smile!

TheLuxuriousVagabond said... Best Blogger Tips

The last dress is spectacular for a little girl! I don't know what it is--the color, the mix of patterns--but there's some cuteness that even transcends the dress itself!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

yay! I'm glad you like the dress for my daughter :) Thanks for choosing her pic.

Natalie Jane said... Best Blogger Tips


I gave you a little award on my blog :)

Art Fan Ako said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice sundresses! Nice blog award! Congrats!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Everything is lovely !

Lois said... Best Blogger Tips

The yellow sundress is so bright and pretty. But the other little dress is really pretty too with all the colours in it.
This is when you wish you had both outfits and twins. LOL!
Thanks for sharing.

johnwright said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute and soft sweater dresses for newborn baby!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial... White and yellow combination dress is best one!!

Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love to win that anyone of those outfits for my niece, Alexis! I will announce it on my blog! I hope I win!

Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

I posted about it on my blog, here is the link!

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