New Sponsor: Mwendas

March 15, 2009

Since I love fabric, especially Japanese fabric, I'm so excited to introduce my newest sponsor: Mwendas.

Fridah, the busy shopkeeper behind Mwendas, offers Japanese fabrics, craft books, supplies and other useful whatchamacallits for your crafting needs.

Japanese fabrics are so much fun. Whimsical and GREAT for quilting. I love to use them in my sewing projects for babies. The only problem is, where to find them? Difficult to acquire at chain stores, Mwendas has a wide selection at great prices!

And if you reffer a buying customer to Mwendas you will receive a free 1/2 yard to her shop. Just get your referral to mention your name in the notes to seller and you get a free 1/2 yard with your next purchase.

Now, a long way from where she grew up, she calls Singapore her home now.

Says Fridah, "Its been quite an interesting experience I can tell you that. What with oodles of rice (I never thought there were so many ways of cooking rice) for breakfast and frogs legs for dinner, really what else could you possibly ask for?"

Between being a new mom to her little angel, Danielle (born Oct 2008) and her full time job, she manages to squeeze some time and indulge on Etsy in between feedings, nappy changings and drool.

For inspiration, get your creative ideas flowing by stopping by!

4 {comments}:

Andrea said... Best Blogger Tips

cute stuff! :]

Tinys and Tea said... Best Blogger Tips

i love japanese fabric! They're so bright and adorable!

Rebecca Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

What great fabrics! Can't wait to see more!

leanna said... Best Blogger Tips

i <3333333333333 amigurumi!!

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