New Sponsor: Cinnamon Sticks

March 4, 2009

Let me welcome my newest sponsor: Cinnamon Sticks!

Canela has been designing jewelry for 15 years. Each of her pieces bears a hand stamped message, poem, word or letter of your choice.

I was looking for something like this for Brian's mother around Christmas. It's perfect for a sentimental surprise.

I think what drew me in was the rustic, handmade appearance of the pieces, giving them a more personal feel.

Her designs are simple, elegant, whimsical, eclectic and most of all....sentimental.

Visit her at her etsy shop and her blog for sneak peeks of her designs and giveaways!

4 {comments}:

Rebecca Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

I love those pieces!
I'm off to browse!

Tricia said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh! Her My joy necklace would be the perfect mothers day gift!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are treasures. "I'll lasso the moon for you" is a nice change with the usual stars and all that :-) Very sweet with a touch of personal feel and a nice gift for a love one :-)

~Sandy~ said... Best Blogger Tips

Really creative pieces! I adore the saying on the moon necklace. Thanks for sharing!

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