New Sponsor: 32 Flavors PR

March 8, 2009

Whether you are a small business just getting started or a more established business looking to enhance its market presence, please take a peak at Grosgrain's newest sponsor: 32 Flavors PR!

With deep roots in online marketing, they have the inside track on the Internet and how to thrive when running your business on the web.

32Flavors PR started in 2005 as one of the first PR firms to pitch designers to online publications and blogs, simultaneously embracing old school print media.

With 'indie' friendly affordable prices starting at $150 even smaller sellers can find their niche. Her 'face forward' service offers a nice one or two page website that directs shoppers, store buyers or editors to the etsy page or blog.

She also offers celebrity product placement services,
Product + Brand Evolution Consultation, Events + Sponsorships, Press Kit Consultation, Pitch Your Product to Editorial- Print, Web, TV + Radio, and many other services.

Her clients have been seen in E! News, Discovery Health Channel, CNN, TLC and the Today Show to name a few. Her media coverage hit list includes such publications as Parents, Lifestyle, O, Shape, Cookie and People...among many more.

Founder Lizabeth Sorensen got her start in e-commerce when she was an affiliate marketing consultant to a handful of major online companies in 2001-2003.

Inspired by lyrics from a favorite song, the name 32Flavors adorns this public relations firm focused on working with designers who are like a "phoenix daring to rise up above the ash".

PR runs through her veins as she is the grand-daughter of GE executive speech writing genius, and PR guru R.Ned Landon, and comes from a long line of artists and idea people. In December 2008 Lizzie launched a social events company for moms called Saratoga Mama. She is a mother of two girls, Ruby + Elk√ę and they spend their spare time working on their own website project, gigi+ruby.

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