Baby Bumblebee Costume

October 15, 2008

flower beeThis is the costume I made for Molly last Halloween so it is unfortunately not a giveaway. However, I am working on my next Halloween giveaway which (I hope) will even outshine the Shenandoah costume. It will likely be finished by the end of the weekend but it will be quite a challenge so I will have my work cut out for me. I'll give you a clue....think cake....(no, it's not a cake costume)

As for this costume....I made it for Molly when she was only 4 months and it just barely fit her then. Imagine how small it was today. She was fairly compliant considering she was getting over Roseloa....poor girl.

The gorgeous flower photos were taken by flickr user tanakawho. And as I was Photoshopping Molly into the them Lily snuggled up to me and asked 'How did Molly' do that?! Don't you just love 4-year-olds!

The costume was perfect for a 0-3 month old. I made it out of thick fleece so taking her outside in the crisp October weather was not a problem. It also comes together at the stinger keeping her legs nice and cozy. I added fleece wings to the back and embroidered little wing veins into them.

flower bee

Try as I might to find a black and yellow striped fleece fabric I came up cold and had to cut the stripes and sew them together individually.... double time suck....yuck!

But in the end, the lines looked clean and crisp so I suppose it was worth it. I enclosed the front with a strip of snap on buttons. For those of you who don't have a grommet punch, these worked great! All I needed to do was sew on the two strips of snaps on either side and I was done. Easy Peasy.

flower bee

I sewed a antenna and a drawstring into the hood which looked simply ADORABLE last year when it was pulled tight. As they would say in Bee Movie, she looked quite 'beeish'.

I've found that baby costume ideas are harder to come by than toddler costumes. Dresses bunch together and infants are more likely to pull on a headpiece. You need something that both stays in place and compliments their chubby qualities. I thought this costume was a good fit. As for Molly's costume this year, I always try to out do myself and Halloween '08 will be no exception.

Of course, as I had mentioned earlier this is not a giveaway. However, if you like the costume feel free to link:) I like to get the Grosgrain word out whenever possible:)

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flower bee

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23 {comments}:

MammaDucky said... Best Blogger Tips

Before I got to the end of your post I was thinking,"Gee, she looks quite bee-ish." Very cute. I made my son a pickle costume this year. I'm betting he'll be the only pickle in the neighborhood. Ha ha!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Seriously cute, and I love how you Photoshopped her into the pictures! Genius!

Artfulife said... Best Blogger Tips

Super cute. My little Aris was a pea in a pod last year.

Brooke said... Best Blogger Tips

What cute little bumble bee and great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Alston said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm going to guess that you're making a Marie Antoinette costume, which is soooo cool...she's one of my favorite women in history!!! (i'm trying to convince my husband that Antoinette would make a great name for one of our future girls!!)

Rose and Ivy said... Best Blogger Tips

That is SOOO cute! I will have to check that photo program out--- it is so clever! I love the picture with the flower and the little Molly-bees flying around. Well Done!

Anja said... Best Blogger Tips

I made a bee costume for my girl when she was a baby. I love that costume - it was the first costume i've made for my first child and I was so proud :o)

Kylie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my that is seriously cute. I made Amelia a little ladybug outfit (preblogging days - maybe I should pull out a photo of her)

tara said... Best Blogger Tips

Someone beat me to my guess...Marie Antoinette. Those pictures are so adorable.

Tiffany Winters said... Best Blogger Tips

Cake.... hmmm... I'm thinking a bowl of ice cream. I know everyone keeps thinking Marie Antoinette. which is probably smarter, since you said you love making little dresses. But I thought I would be different. Love the bee costume!

Liz said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute. I just love making costumes for my kids. Yours are beautiful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the green Civil War era dress will find a home at my house. Thanks for sharing all your sewing. You are inspiring me!

Deravelled Gem said... Best Blogger Tips

How cute!! I wish I'd had the creative know-how to have put my little Moomin in outfits like this when she was still young enough to have no say!!

I love your blog - and have added you to my blog list. :) x x

Rebecca Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

You have stunned me yet again. And those flower pictures! SO SWEET!

Cammi said... Best Blogger Tips

i. have. no. words.

other than my little one would be the talk of the town (err... family halloween party) in this adorable costume!

oh PRETTY please pick me... with a cherry on top?

Fairy Cute said... Best Blogger Tips

All I can say is "aaah!"

SUSIE E. STOUT said... Best Blogger Tips

totally know what it is! Cake maybe it could be Marie Antoinette costume??? I know that even if I'm right it won't up my chances for winning but can't wait to see if I am.

Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh so cute, this would look adorable on my baby neice Gracie! Count me in!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my! i just had a blast going through your blog! you're truly an amazing seamstress! trust me...that kind of thing can be difficult! i am self taught but nothing compared to you!

My Two Army Brats said... Best Blogger Tips

You are incredible! I love looking at your creations!

JWalburger said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a cute costume. I also love how you did the photos, great work there. A woman of many talents, I have to say.

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

all my kids are bugs for halloween but i don't have a cute costume for the baby 2mos... this would be so perfect..

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that costume! I'm trying to figure out what to do for my 6 week old for her costume next week. Love that bee! said... Best Blogger Tips

the time you spent sewing the individual stripes was definately worth it, how adorable! And I love the bees fluttering in the flowers!

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