Reversible Kindergarten Pinafore

June 2, 2008

I'm sorry for the delay in a post. I'm aiming for at least two per week. But this dress was a MAJOR headache and quite possibly the last reversible outfit I will ever least for a while. I think I literally ripped out and resewed every seam two (perhaps three) times.
The dress itself reminded me of a first day in kindergarten. I used a denim material offset by a modern red polka dot pattern and paired it with matching handmade button barretts to boot! Lily happily played pretend teacher with her stuffed friends and repeatedly asked if she could eat the apple. In the end, she got her wish.

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Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

It's adorable as is she!

Jade said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! I found your blog three posts ago during the boardwalk blue stripe frock (so cute!) and this is even more adorable. Everything on your blog is so inspiring.

Jenna said... Best Blogger Tips

The dresses your make are adorable. I really enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this dress! So cute, and you did such a great job. I love your blog, and will be reading it often. I can't wait to see what you make next!

Natalie said... Best Blogger Tips

Really cute dress!! You should make and sell your patterns!

meg said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm sorry it was such a pain, but it turned out so well! really, it's just perfect.

Bird Bath said... Best Blogger Tips

very cute...and versatile to boot. I'm very impressed you persisted despite the difficulty. The denim + polka dot combo is classic.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

The dress is so pretty! The fit is perfect and she certainly does look like a wee pupil - and adorable!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

All the pain and suffering was totally worth it. She looks so cute. It makes me wish I had little ones again. I would buy your patterns in a heartbeat if you were selling them!-Amy

melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my so adorable!

sandrine said... Best Blogger Tips

qu'elle est belle cette robe

Amanda Jean said... Best Blogger Tips

it looks like it was well worth all the effort. it's the cutest darn thing I have seen in a long time!!!!

PaulaDawn said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so cute. Two in one can't beat that.

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