The Lynn Bag

April 27, 2008

While sitting in the pediatric waiting room a woman's diaper bag caught my eye. It was quilted with a large abstract floral print. I thought about it later that afternoon and decided to try to make one of my own. Of course when I went to the fabric store none of the pre-quilted fabrics were of my liking so I picked a more stylish pattern and quilted all the pieces before sewing them together which added three times more work to the project. It took about a week to complete in my spare time but I'm pretty pleased with the end result. I got several compliments at my bi-weekly MOPS meeting. Imagine their surprise when I told them it was homemade. Definitely worth the wait.

I named it the Lynn bag because the quilting reminds me of grandma but the pattern is more hip and trendy. Grandma Lynn- a character from "The Lovely Bones" was described as the antithesis of what a grandmother should be, stylish and quick witted. So I name this bag after her.

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The DO said... Best Blogger Tips

Isn't it amazing how a few generations ago everything was homemade, and now people are just amazed that it's possible to homemake anything! I always get a kick out of that:) This is a really cute bag, and I love the colors, so much fun!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cute bag! I love it, and the fabric too! :-)

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