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February 3, 2006

Kathleen here for Grosgrain! I choose Ulyana Sergeenko as my favorite fashion icon. She is a Russian stylist, photographer, blogger, occasional fashion model and designer. She's married to Russian insurance billionaire Danil Khachaturov, has two children and recently started her own fashion brand. Quite impressive bio there, right? She gorgeous and tends to dress in very long, period nostalgic pieces that are still somehow modern. Her look is very dramatic and always beautiful.
In the next week you can get the pattern for the skirt portion of this outfit on my blog so check back for that if you're interested. It's a three tiered wool/fur circle skirt. Of course, I couldn't use real fur, so my skirt is just faux but I think the warm feel is still very present. I made the waist very fitted and dropped. I've seen this look in a lot of wedding dresses lately and it's very figure flattering when paired with a mid section belt. The fitted portion of the skirt is made from a heavy wool. I also bought boning thinking that the weight of the skirt would pull the wool down but in the end it held its own without any boning assistance!
The pattern I made is actually very simple! It's just SOO huge and overwhelming that it was quite a challenge to piece it all together. Plus, even though the fabric was faux I had to buy about 5 yards so even with a coupon it was kind of pricey. BUT, I think it was worth it because the end look was very dramatic and showy!

And how much did I luck out with the weather, eh?! Perfect compliment to fur!

Week #1: Fashion Icon Challenge

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