Best Day Evah! Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

December 2, 2011

Hope you have a happy holiday weekend! To celebrate Shabby Apple is offering the Waimea Dress from their South Pacific line of Women's Dresses to one lucky Grosgrain reader!
Waves of summery cotton bedeck the bodice of this easygoing summer slip on. Tiers of contrast-stitched cotton descend from a wide boatneck, while the perfect-fit elastic waist and straight skirt tunes the Waimea into its retro-roots. 
Slip an airy cardigan over the top for a sweet look, or add a belt and some platform sandals for a refined take. This dress is made from a leightweight, delicate fabric and FITS GENEROUSLY on their fit guide.
To enter this giveaway you must "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me so. In addition you can also:

1) By linking about this giveaway (to your blog, facebook, or any other site) button is below.
2) By FOLLOWING Grosgrain using this link. If the link is not working please use THE LINK IN MY RIGHT SIDEBAR.
3) By following me on Twitter 

Just remember to please leave me a comment telling me what you did so that I can go back and look for your entry. Either give me the link that you posted for the giveaway to or tell me that you began to follow me.

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peniam said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm following on Twitter @Peniamm

peniam said... Best Blogger Tips

Following on FB: Monika Pl

peniam said... Best Blogger Tips

"liked" the link on FB: Monika PL

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Is this giveaway still on? I hope so! I'm following you on twitter @d_artsy!

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