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March 9, 2008

Since our move we've been living a pretty spartan lifestyle having bought only one piece of furniture and (literally) flying "by the seat of our pants" with the rest. There was a big hole on the right side of our living room where furniture should be until a friend was kind enough to lend me a pair of chairs from her grandmother's old house. They were probably from the 70s? I didn't take a picture of them then which frustrates me now because I'm so pleased with the "after". I want some physical evidence to compare.

The closest thing I have to the "before" is a photo of the back (see below) that I haven't covered yet but as you can see it's an ugly orange crush velvet material. The wood was a black speckled walnuty color. I painted it solid black and reupholstered the cushions with fabric at I found at my favorite online textile store, the repodepot. The result was 200% amazing! A friend commented that they looked like something I bought at Pier 1. At any rate, I've officially solved my living room hole conundrum at a fraction of the cost to buy new chairs AND I get the added benefit of bragging about the makeover to guests. Points all around!

To compliment the room, I was thinking about sewing a slipcover for my sofa with a brown tweed material and dark brown trim. Thoughts?

original material
finished chair

UPDATE! I've since redone this chair a second time. Here's the new fabric:

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Tricia said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful! I wonder how you upholstered the chairs, leaving the wood showing?

Holly said... Best Blogger Tips

OOOO..... and Stinkin Cute chairs too????? You're my new best friend... I'm not going to sew... I'm going to put a link to you for everyone to share, and THEN I'm going to sew.

kay said... Best Blogger Tips

What about a black and white stripe for the sofa? Either very bold, or in a ticking fabric?

Your clothes and website are absolutely adorable....I only have boys, that are all now humongous, but I still love to look at your cutie in such creative clothes. Great photography too!

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